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Top 3 Ways To Bond With Your New Golden Retriever

Top 3 Ways To Bond With Your New Golden Retriever

Building a bond with your new golden retriever can be quite challenging. Whether you adopted a puppy or an older goldie, the start of your relationship can be pretty hard.

We are bringing you three tips on how to make that time easier, for both – you and your new dog.

#3 Pay attention to their body language

This will help you understand what your dog likes, dislikes and what scares them. This will allow you to prevent problems before they start, and to remove your dog from situations that scare them or make them uncomfortable. Once they learn that you will keep them safe, the trust between you will grow.

#2 Always remain calm

Do your best to always speak to your dog in a calm voice, yelling, screaming and throwing a temper tantrum will frighten most dogs. Yelling doesn’t do anything to fix the problem, it only causes lasting damage to the relationship you have with your dog.

#1 Have some quiet time together

No TV, no internet, no smartphone. Make some time just for the two of you. Go on a walk, cuddle, or just take a nap together. It will help you bond with each other so much.