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Top 5 Ways Your Golden Retriever Is Communicating With You

Top 5 Ways Your Golden Retriever Is Communicating With You

Golden retrievers are the best when it comes to listening. The look in their eyes says it all, we just know they understand. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s a bit harder to understand them. As smart as they are they can’t simply tell us what they want or what they need. But luckily, there are other ways.

Here are the top five ways your golden retriever is communicating with you:

#5 Eye contact

Constant eye contact from your golden is their way to show their trust, love and affection towards you. Think of it as an understated ‘I love you.’ Avoiding eye contact, on the other hand, is a sign that your dog is uncomfortable, scared, or just did something naughty.

#4 Tail posture

A slow wagging of the tail means your dog is feeling cautious, and a stiff tail held high means your dog is on alert. A low tail means your pup is feeling content, but a tucked tail means he is feeling scared. If your dog is wagging his tail vigorously enough to make his butt to wiggle he is most likely incredibly excited to finally see you!

#3 Play bowing

If your golden retriever faces you and dives into a bow with his front legs on the ground and his butt in the air, this is known as the play bow and it’s your dog’s way of telling you that it is finally playtime. So you know what to do next!

#2 Raising a paw

Goldens will raise a paw and touch you when they’re trying to get attention. The most common way your dog does this is when you are sitting and they put a paw on your knee. So give him some pats on the head and maybe a treat.

#1 Leaning against you

When your dog is leaning against you either you came back from work and he missed you while you were gone or it’s his way of giving you a hug. Either way, they are showing affection to their favorite human.