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Training your puppy: How to stop your Golden retriever’s destructive chewing

Training your puppy: How to stop your Golden retriever’s destructive chewing

Golden retriever puppies have a very bad habit of chewing on everything we own and love. No matter how many toys and chewies we buy them, they seem like they just can’t help themselves. In one of our previous articles we have stated all of the reasons WHY a Golden retriever chews on your belongings, but now we’re going to dive into HOW to stop this destructive behavior.

Well, the easiest way to stop it would be to hide all the items your dog likes to chew on, to just put them where they cannot be reached. From pillows to TV remotes, hide everything, and get into the habit of putting away things you don’t use at that moment.

However, I believe you see how difficult it might be to hide ABSOLUTELY everything. So, chew training is an essential!

Keep an eye on your pup

You never see your pup destroying something, do you? It always happen when you’re not paying attention.

A watchful eye will go a long way towards curbing chewing. Of course, no one can realistically expect to monitor a puppy 24/7, so when you have to leave your pup, keep it in its crate with a few toys that are ok to chew on to keep the puppy happy.

Chewing on the right thing

Get your pup an assortment of chew toys, so when it starts chewing on your furniture give it a chewie.

It’s also great to have a few items designed to promote dental and gum health.

Choose toys that don’t resemble things you wouldn’t want chewed, such as shoes/slippers, human food, or stuffed animals.


When you see your pup chewing on something the first thing you should do is distract it from what it’s doing. Make a loud noise and then scold your Retriever. Remove the item being chewed from the immediate area, or move the dog away if it’s a larger or immovable item. After this give your puppy a substitute from your collection of chew toys. When your puppy takes the item and begins to chew on it, offer copious and heartfelt praise for being so good.