Unique Boy Dog Names You’ll Fall In Love With

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Firstly, you need to know that getting a dog is the best decision you can make. Fur balls bring love and a special feeling to your home. Most importantly, each dog is special in its own way and deserves a special name. If you want to get a boy dog, you must think about unique boy dog names for your puppy. If you want to get a girl puppy, there are also a lot of beautiful names,

However, many people struggle with choosing the right name for their dog. After going back and forth, they usually deal with the most basic names. There’s nothing wrong with that, but there are so many unique names too.

Dog’s Personality is really important

Look for a name that suits your dog’s personality. When you like a name, ask about its meaning. By using the name, people will be able to immediately infer what your dog really is. For example, a dog named Bolt is certainly fast and has good reflexes.

In addition, the dog breed plays a big role. Some names are more appropriate for small dogs and some for large ones. Although it all depends on the personality.

 unique boy dog names

Fewer letters – easier

When choosing a name, also pay attention to the number of letters. Names with two or three letters are the best option. Firstly, the dog will remember his name more easily. Secondly, when training and calling a dog, you will pronounce a name that consists of a smaller number of letters easier and faster.

Unique Boy Dog Names


Ace  – Latin origin. ‘The best’

Amir  – Arabic for Prince

Arlo   –  Spanish for barberry tree

Axel – Meaning father of peace


Beau – French. meaning ‘handsome’

Briggs –  English origin meaning ‘bridges’.

Bruce – French. King of Scotland in the 14th century

Bruno – German origin. Meaning ‘brown’


Cannon – French. ‘Official of the church’

Cesar – Latin.  ‘Head of hair’

Chase – ‘Hunter’

Cyrus –  Greek. ‘King’


Dante –  Italian.  ‘Lasting, enduring’

Draco –  Latin.’Dragon’

Drake – Same as above

Duke – Latin. ‘Leader’


Edgar – British. ‘Wealthy spear’

Enzo – Italian. Meaning ‘home ruler’

Ezra – Hebrew. Meaning ‘helper’


Finnegan – Irish meaning ‘fair’


Gage – French. ‘Pledge/oath’

Gideon – Hebrew. ‘Powerful warrior’

Giovani – Italian. ‘God is gracious’

Grady – Irish. ‘Renowned’


Hank –German. ‘Home ruler’

Hector – Greek. ‘Steadfast’

Hudson – British. ‘Son of Richard’

Hugo – A male name of Latin origin


Ike – Hebrew. ‘Laughter’

Iver – Scandinavian. ‘Archer’


Jasper – Greek. ‘Treasurer’

Jax – British. ‘Son of Jack’

Jonah – Hebrew. ‘Dove’

Jorge –Greek ‘Farmer’


Kane – Irish. ‘Little battler’

Kinslee – British. ‘Kings meadow’

Kobe – Popular Hungarian name

Kye – Welsh, Scandinavian, Greek and Gaelic. ‘Keeper of the keys, Earth, narrow, or straight’


Leo – Latin. ‘Lion’

Leon – Greek. ‘Lion’

Luca – Italian. ‘Bringer of light’


Major – Latin. ‘Greater’

Mateo – Hebrew. ‘Gift of God’

Milan – Sanskrit. ‘Coming together’

Milo – Latin. ‘Soldier’


Nasir – Arabic. ‘Supporter’

Nikko – British. ‘Victory’

Nile – Irish. ‘Champion’

Nixon – British. ‘Son of Nicholas’


Odin – The god of Norse mythology, identified with art, culture and war

Orson – Latin. ‘Bear’

Otis – Old German.  ‘Wealth’

Ozzy – German. ‘God’s power’


Pace – Hebrew. ‘Passover’

Pedro – Spanish. ‘Rock’

Perseus – In Greek mythology, Perseus was the son of Zeus and Danae’

Price – Old French. ‘Prize’


Qi – Chinese. ‘Enlightenment’

Quillen – Irish. ‘Cub’

Quinto – Latin. ‘Fifth born son’

Rex –  Latin. ‘King’

River – A popular British name for people who love nature

Roland – German.  ‘Renowned land’

Romeo – The name is best known for the star crossed lover from William Shakespeare famous play

Salem – Hebrew. ‘Peace’

Sergio – Latin. ‘Servant’

Taj – Sanskrit. ‘Crown’

Titus – Name of a Roman emperor in the first century

Todd – English. ‘Fox’

Tyson – French. ‘High spirited’

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