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Waterproof Dog Bed: Benefits Of Having One

Waterproof Dog Bed: Benefits Of Having One
Waterproof Dog Bed

What Is A Waterproof Dog Bed And How It Works?

Basically, we have two types of waterproof dog beds. Some beds have a protective lining that wraps around the bed’s interior filling. On the other hand, some beds have a waterproof base, which means that in case of an accident the bed will probably become soaked, but the floor underneath will remain dry and clean.

Difference Between A Waterproof And Water Resistant Dog Bed

It can be very confusing when you are looking for a new dog bed and you see there are waterproof and water-resistant dog beds. They sound similar, but in reality, there is a big difference between these two types of dog beds. 

To make it as clear as possible, a waterproof dog bed has a protective lining that prevents liquid to penetrate the filling. A waterproof bed will withstand liquid penetration in most cases.

On the other hand, water-resistant beds will only limit the quantity of liquid, but they won’t protect the bed from water, urine, rain, etc. 

What Are The Benefits Of Waterproof Dog Beds

There are several benefits of Waterproof dog beds:

They Are Durable But Comfortable

Waterproof dog beds are made of high-quality materials that are both waterproof and dog-proof. In most cases, you would have to choose between comfort and sturdiness, but that is not the case with waterproof dog beds. 

Waterproof dog beds beddings are made of polyester, which is one of the most reliable materials in the world. Also, the bed’s fabric is both waterproof and soft. Therefore, by buying a waterproof dog bed you are not only buying something that will last a long time but will also provide comfort and safety to your dog.

Waterproof Dog Bed Is Odor Resistant

All dogs smell, there is no doubt about it. Some smell less, while some have that odor that can cause inconvenience when you have guests. Probably the biggest problem with dog odor is when your dog comes home wet.

That wet dog smell from moisture, urine and stagnating water can linger on the dog bed for days, eventually spreading to the entire household. 

However, with waterproof dog beds, you won’t have this issue. Since water and moisture can’t penetrate the protective lining and reach the soft bedding. Also, synthetic fibers won’t get soaked in liquid. 

You Can Use Waterproof Dog Beds Both Indoor And Outdoor

If you have a standard, soft dog bed, it’s not a good idea to move it outdoors. Rain, moisture, and the sun will damage the structure, material, and quality of the dog bed. However, with a waterproof dog bed, you can be certain that no rain, moisture, or urine will affect the quality of your dog’s bed.

Waterproof Dog Beds Are Easy To Clean

Waterproof dog beds require minimal maintenance. You can easily clean them by just washing them down with a hose. Generally, it will take you only a few minutes to clean them.

People Also Ask

Is waterproof dog bed accident-proof?

Yes, unlike standard dog beds where you have to call a professional cleaner in case of an accident, a waterproof dog bed is also accident-proof. If your puppy or senior dog has an accident, don’t worry as urine can’t penetrate to the bedding or the floor.

How to clean a waterproof dog bed?

Simply take the bed outside, use soap, hot water, and a sponge to clean all the dirty surfaces. After that simply rinse the soap off.