What Do Golden Retrievers Dream About?

can goldens dream?

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How To Know When Your Dog Is Dreaming

An easy way to identify when your golden retriever is dreaming is… By the fact that they will appear to be scratching and sniffing in a very dramatic way.

Now you could be across the other side of the room or even in another room totally. You may hear this and going to see what they’re up to. Only to find them completely asleep. And it does happen.

What Do Golden Retrievers Dream About?

The information that we found appeared to be quite interesting. Although dog brains and human brains are quite different in the grand scheme of things there are also a lot of similarities.

One of them is the capability of being able to have a photographic memory or photographic projection. There is no absolute cement evidence on exactly what golden retrievers dream about. From looking at the data from a human dream, it’s safe to say that they are dreaming of past and future experiences.

Past experiences are just past events or activities that have already happened and caused you to replay the event in your mind. Future projections work in the same way but are built up of experiences that you have had in the past that form a future that you have specifically designed. The same applies to dogs when they are thinking of something that hasn’t happened yet.

Can Dogs Have Nightmares?

There’s no hardcore evidence to say that golden retrievers can dream or have nightmares. However,  if they are having dreams “then what makes you think that they can’t have nightmares?”. A nightmare is just a bad or negative projection of the mind. In theory, this means that a nightmare is nothing more than a bad dream.

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