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What Do Our Dogs Dream About At Night?

What Do Our Dogs Dream About At Night?

Have you ever seen your dog twitch during his sleep. Or even bark, move his mouth? Are all of those things random, or does your dog actually dream during his sleep?

If so, what could they be dreaming about?

Do dogs dream?

Dogs in fact do most likely dream! Matt Wilson, a neuroscientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, explained to PetMD that dogs have a sleep structure that’s very similar to humans.

Dogs experience REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, the stage of sleep in which we experience dreams. Also, both humans and dogs have a brain structure called the Pons Varolli that prevents us from physically acting out our dreams.

What do they dream about?

Researchers believe that the content of dogs’ dreams consists mainly of their day to day activities, chopped up and put back together to make it dream-worthy.

But research has also suggested that one of the main things your pup dreams about is you!

Are the movements in my dogs’ dream normal?

Leg twitches, whimpers, and snarls are completely normal!

And even seeing something as odd as “sleep running” still falls under the umbrella of “normal” sleep patterns.