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What does dog water mean: What should dogs drink?

What does dog water mean: What should dogs drink?
What does dog water mean

Water is very important for a dog’s health, for the health of all living beings actually. But is there a specific water dogs should drink, is there some kind of dog water? And if yes, what does dog water mean?

Maybe you have not even thought about this, after all water is water right? Wrong! You would not drink any water either! So be mindful what you give your dog to drink.

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This is why we’re going to look at this topic very closely and find the best water for your pooch!

The best water for your dog

It is very important that your dog gets enough clean, freshwater during the day. However, we do live in a time where clean water does not always come from the tap. Unfortunately, that is the reality we live in.

Our water systems are contaminated with toxins and bacteria to such an extend that in some places it’s not even safe to consume it.

You wouldn’t drink that water, would you? So you shouldn’t be giving it to your dog either.

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Unfiltered tap water

Tap water is easily accessible, however as mentioned above unfiltered tap water can be filled with contaminants.

According to a nonprofit environmental research and advocacy organization based in Washington, D.C. called The Environmental Working Group (EWG), more than 316 toxins are lurking in our tap water supplies!

According to experts, tap water is contaminated with industrial chemicals, pesticides, metals, pharmaceuticals, bacteria, viruses, protozoan, parasites, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), radiological contaminants such as plutonium and uranium and even sewer overflows and wastewater.

The Center for Disease Control claims that all of these toxins can actually lead to a variety of adverse health effects, including gastrointestinal illness, reproductive problems, and neurological disorders.

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So, it’s needles to say that unfiltered tap water isn’t the right option!

beagle drinking from bowl
It’s very important to know what kind of water is the safest for dogs

Filtered tap water

Unfiltered tap water is obviously a big no, but what about filtered tap water?

If you by any chance don’t know what filtered tap water means, let us explain. Basically, filtered water is tap water that has been run through a filter to remove all of the impurities. Filters include carafe filters, faucet-mounted filters, countertop filters, under-sink filters and so on.

No matter which filter we’re talking about, they all do the same thing, clean your water. However, the question i s what is it that you want removed or cleaned from your water. Not all filters remove the same impurities and contaminants.

For filters to work you first need to know what kind contaminants are in your water, and then get the right filter.

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Once you’ve done all of this and you know you got the best filter for the kind of issue you’re delaing with, then you can safely give that water to your dog (and you can drink it too).

So, the answer is yes. Filtered tap water is definitely safe for your dog to consume!

Distilled water

Lastly, we have distilled water. Basically, distilled water is created by boiling regular water to a point where all contaminants are destroyed. Even though this sounds completely safe and like a great idea, it isn’t really.

The problem is that, by boiling the water, you’re not only removing all of the contaminants but also all of the good minerals water has to offer and which are important for your dog’s health!

According to experts, consuming distilled water over a longer period of time results in serious health issues. These include a negative balance of sodium and chloride in the blood, lower volumes of red blood cells, increased secretion of cortisol and adverse changes to the kidneys, including atrophy of the glomeruli.

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Bottom line, it’s okay to give your dog distilled water when you have no other option. However, it is not recommended for consumption over a longer period of time.


In conclusion, it is very important what kind of water you’re giving your dog. Not all water is good and healthy.

The best way to ensure your dog is drinking good water (and you and your family too) is to invest in a good water filter.

Of course, there is also the option of bottled water, but this is the worst option ever for different reasons.

First of all, you’re not doing anything good for our environment, in fact you’re harming it even more!

Second of all, in the long run it’s way more expensive than investing in a good water filter.