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What Is Xylitol And Why Is It So Bad For Dogs?

What Is Xylitol And Why Is It So Bad For Dogs?

Golden retrievers absolutely adore peanut butter! And if it’s organic and pure peanut butter there isn’t any reason not to treat them to it, at least not in moderation. But if you’re buying some version of peanut butter that contains xylitol in it, know that by giving it to your pup you are doing way more harm than good.

Xylitol is a substance often used in place of natural sweeteners, and it is highly toxic for dogs.
It’s usually extracted from corn fiber, birch trees, and other vegetable materials. While it is safe for people to eat without issue, it can be incredibly dangerous for dogs!

Xylitol when ingested by animals gets absorbed rapidly, and trigger an extremely high release of insulin from the pancreas. This can cause a sudden drop of blood sugar, also known as hypoglycemia. This condition can occur in as little as ten minutes and in worst case scenarios can even be life threatening.

Because of that always make sure that xylitol isn’t included in the ingredients list and if you can’t find any organic ones where you live, you can always make homemade peanut butter yourself. There are plenty of recipes online.

It’s very important to recognize the symptoms of xylitol poisoning early on, some of the most common ones are:

black or tarry stool
acute collapse
walking as if drunk
lethargy or weakness

If you gave your dog any type of food containing xylitol in it and you’re also noticing some of these symptoms, immediately contact your vet!