What to do if your dog keeps running away

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If your dog keeps running away you have a very, very dangerous problem on your hand which you need to solve as soon as possible.

But how do you deal with your dog constantly running away?


If your dog keeps running away it might be because they are under stimulated or under exercised. To make sure your dog doesn’t run away constantly you need to provide them with plenty of exercise and activities. This should eliminate their desire to run away.

Long Line Training

Exercise is crucial in preventing your dog from running away, but that being said it can happen that dogs who do get enough exercise still keep running away the moment you open the door or on walks. In these cases, you can perform exercises with a long leash to train your dog not to bolt.

Here you can attach a long leash to your dog’s standard back clip harness. It is a good idea to use a leash with some elasticity so that your dog is buffered from the pull when it gets to the end of the line.

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