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White Golden retriever – The unusual beauty

White Golden retriever – The unusual beauty

Have you ever seen a White Golden retriever and thought to yourself “What a beauty”? I for sure did! I remember the first time I saw a White Golden retriever I was mesmerized by its color. It was wintertime, so the dog’s coat appeared to be as white as snow. I had so many questions like “is this a real, purebred Golden retriever” and “what distinguishes them from other Golden retrievers, well, besides the color of their fur”.

A fancier name for White Golden retrievers is English cream golden retrievers, however, no matter what you name them, they’ll always be Golden retrievers, with just a lighter colored coat.

White Golden Retriever

When it comes to the differences between the gold-colored Golden retriever and the white Golden retriever, there almost are none. Generally speaking, they have the same temperament, looks, and require the same level of care and exercise. They both live for around 10 to 12 years and will need similar amounts of mental stimulation. However, there are a few differences that at first glance don’t seem big, but are worth noting.

The biggest and the most obvious difference between these two is their appearance. Instead of having a yellow-golden-colored coat, this dog will have a creamy-white colored coat.

There are also some physical differences. The white golden retriever will usually have a little blockier heads, bigger bones, and darker skin than other Golden retrievers. Also, its eyes will be rounder and darker than a traditionally-colored dog.

White golden retrievers never go unnoticed
White golden retrievers are purebred Golden retrievers but with a lighter colored coat

Temperament and exercise

There is anecdotal evidence that proves that white goldens have a calmer personality than darker-coated Golden Retrievers. However, there isn’t really any science behind that claim.

Despite these claims that they are a little bit calmer, that doesn’t mean they don’t need the same level of exercise as their darker-colored brothers and sisters. The fact is they need plenty of exercise each day to be healthy! They love running around, playing, swimming, and even hiking.

Golden retrievers are usually very calm, affectionate, and loving, and so is the white retriever.


By everything I have written you can see that generally speaking there are basically no differences between white golden retrievers and the traditionally-colored one. Both of these dogs are very smart, highly affectionate and lovable. They are both also very active and have a lot of energy. Some would say that he white one might be just a little bit calmer than the yellow-toned dog, however, that doesn’t mean you can skip walks. Exercise is still a must. It’s safe to say that any other differences between these dogs are mostly cosmetic.