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Why Did My Dog’s Nose Suddenly Change Color

Why Did My Dog’s Nose Suddenly Change Color

You most likely know every little detail of your dog’s face by now, and you would notice every small thing that might change.

So what if you noticed that their nose changed color. Is there anything to worry about?

Well, in most cases – thankfully there isn’t. The most common reasons as to why the color of the nose on your beloved dog is changing are benign. They include: genetics, age and weather. Besides these that we mentioned, medical problems would also be one reason, of course.

Very often the color of your dogs nose change with the season, most commonly it happens during winter. Their nose might start to appear a bit lighter, but after the winter months pass by, they will regain the pigment in their nose.

But if the nose of your dog got lighter during the years, it might be a side effect of aging. As your dog ages, it produces fewer skin enzymes called tyrosine. This enzyme is responsible for producing melanin. Hence, nose discoloration is an effect

When it comes to more serious reasons, one of them includes allergies. If your dog lost pigment in his nose due to allergies it’s important to treat the symptoms and remove triggers.