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Why do dogs eat grass? All the possible reasons

Why do dogs eat grass? All the possible reasons

I’m not a big fan of Facebook, but I do use it from time to time, mostly to check out different Golden retriever groups. Sometimes I stumble upon pictures that either raise so many questions in my head or pictures of adorable Golden retrievers which just make my day. However, today, while I was scrolling through my front page I saw a picture above which was written “My dog vomited this green liquid, should I be worried.” The majority of comments were something along the line “your dog just ate grass.” That made me think, why do dogs eat grass? Why do they vomit when eating grass, and is grass dangerous for them?

Why do dogs eat grass?

Many dog owners are very worried about their dogs eating grass. This concern becomes even bigger when they see their dog eating grass, vomiting it, and then going right back to eating grass again. So what could be the possible reason for such behavior, why do dogs eat grass?

Well, even though this behavior seems a little strange to humans, it’s actually very common in dogs and cats!

According to veterinarians the reasons can be physical and psychological.

Psychological Reasons

Believe it or not, dogs will sometimes eat grass just out of boredom! But that’s not the only psychological reason why.

Boredom, stress or they’re just upset

Like mentioned, many vets believe that dogs eat grass when they’re bored. If they don’t get the needed physical activity, mental stimulation or even just attention from their owner, dogs will get bored. As a result, bored dogs will do weird things like eat grass. Why? Well, when you see your dog eating grass, you are very likely going to tell them to stop. It’s exactly this behavior that dogs perceive this as attention, and it’s good enough for many of them.

Anxious and stressed dogs will too eat grass. It’s like a comfort mechanism (just like nervous people chew their finger nails).

It’s also important to note that if your dog is showing obsessive behaviors and keeps eating grass like crazy you might want to make a vet appointment. 

Dog eating grass. Why do dogs eat grass?
Many dogs like the taste and texture of the grass they chew (Source: webmd)

They like the taste of grass

Believe it or not but your dog might actually like the taste of grass! Experts believe that dogs actually like the taste of grass because the majority of dogs will only eat grass in certain locations or at certain times of the year. This is exactly what contributes to the idea that they like the taste and texture of the grass they chew! Unbelievable, right?!

Physical Reasons

Besides the mentioned psychological reasons, there are also physical reasons why your dog eats grass.

Stomach problems

You’ve probably heard from several people that your dog east grass because has stomach problems. Owners believe their dogs eat grass in order to vomit and ease stomach problems.

The problem is that it’s actually very difficult to tell if your dog is throwing up from eating grass, or because their stomach was upset and they thought the grass would help. Even vets aren’t about this.


Just like humans need fibers in their diet, dogs need fibers too. If your dog is eating grass after their meal it can be that they don’t feel like they’ve consumed enough fibers to digest the food. Grass can give her the fiber she needs to process food appropriately.

Is eating grass safe for dogs?

Now you might be wondering is eating grass even safe for dogs? Well, generally speaking, yes. If your dog is healthy and on regular parasite prevention medication then eating grass is okay. Of course make sure that there are no herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers on the grass your dog eats. 

If you don’t want your dog eating grass, there are also ways to stop this behavior.