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Why Do Dogs Roll In Grass?

Why Do Dogs Roll In Grass?

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Our furry friends have many strange and interesting behaviors. One of the most interesting is rolling in the grass. But, why do dogs roll in the grass?

Why Do Dogs Roll In Grass?

There are many reasons why your dog rolls in the grass. These are the most common ones.

Ancestral Instinct

Wolves, distant ancestors to modern dogs also roll in the grass. They do this when hunting to hide their scent when closing in on prey. Wolf will also roll in the grass to get a certain scent on his body. Once the wolf returns to the pack, the other pack members will greet and sniff him. Some of the pack members will then follow that smell to its origin.

Domesticated dogs don’t need to hunt anymore. However, they have inherited a roll in the grass behavior from their ancestors. Therefore, your dog is hardwired to roll in the grass. 

It Simply Feels Good

Dogs can also roll in grass simply because it feels good to them. It’s a way for them to stretch and relax on a soft cold pad.


Dogs can be allergic to food, environmental irritants, or fleas. Allergies often cause an itch your dog will try to scratch when he rolls in the grass.

Leaving Their Scent – Marking Territory

Dogs are territorial animals. Therefore, they will try to leave their scent on different objects to mark their territory. Dogs rub against the people for the same reason, to mark them as members of their pack.

Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior

Some dogs are simply obsessed with rolling in the grass. This behavior can be redirected with treats and training.


Domesticated dogs have inherited the ancestral instinct to roll in the grass to mask their scent during the hunt. However, there are many reasons your dog rolls in the grass, and most of the time this behavior is completely harmless. On the other hand, if allergy or obsessive behavior is behind your dog rolling in the grass, you need to visit the vet or behaviorist.

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