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Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Heads?

Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Heads?

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Is there anything more adorable than when you talk to your dog and they tilt their head like they are a cartoon character? It’s so freaking cute! But have you ever wondered why do dogs tilt their heads? Is it a way of communicating or just something that helps them think?

Sometimes it seems like it’s always happening when you ask them a question like “Who’s been extra good today?” or “Who is going on a walk?” They tilt their heads and you’re just hooked. You know that that little tilted head has your heart forever.

This movement actually has other functions than to melt our hearts.

Here are the most common reasons as to why dogs actually do that.

Why do dogs tilt their heads?

Out of curiosity

Dogs are curious creatures by nature. They love to explore and learn new things. Everything is endlessly interesting to them. This especially applies to puppies. On their first walk through a new location, puppies love to stop as much as possible to explore the new territory.

If you ever had the chance to watch your dog discover something completely new to them (like another animal or an interesting new toy) you know that before taking any action, dogs will tilt their head first. They do this to take a better look on whatever they are watching. Your dog’s complete focus is now on this new and exciting thing and all he wants is to understand what exactly he’s looking at.

In response to sound

Dogs are very sensitive to sounds. Picture this: You’re sitting on the couch with your dog and a strange sound comes from the kitchen. Either one of two things are going to happen. In the first option you’ll see your dog run to the kitchen as soon as possible and start barking excessively. However, if your dog is on the more careful side, he’ll wait first. You will see him tilt his head trying to hear the sound better in order to know how to react. You can also see this reaction when you’re talking on the phone with someone on speakerphone, and your dog hears the voice of someone close to him. They usually start tilting their heads as soon as that person starts talking or mentioning your dogs name.

Your dog is trying to communicate with you

Some people theorize that your dog tilts it’s head trying to interact with you or as an attempt to understand and respond to you. This is most commonly seen when you start asking your dog question. When the canine hears words that are familiar to him, he’s trying to put them together in his mind. If you’re asking your dog if you two are going for a walk in the park, he will start putting together park and walk. In order to concentrate dogs tilt their head trying to understand better what your saying. But they also do this do that you know that they hear you. Your dog is letting you know that he’s trying to understand what you’re saying. They don’t want you to stop talking or give up on the conversation. Dogs are great listeners, and this is just one of the examples.

He’s trying to focus better

You can often see this while you’re outdoors with your dog. They are trying to catch something and all of their focus is on that particular thing. The next thing you’ll see is your dog tilting his head while being completely hypnotizes by whatever they are watching. We don’t know if the head tilt allows them to think better or why they are doing it while focusing. But one thing is for sure – they win us over every time they do it.

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