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Why Do Golden Retrievers Put Their Paws On You?

Why Do Golden Retrievers Put Their Paws On You?

Is your golden retriever constantly putting his paw on you? Is that simply a sign that they want some extra attention or does it mean something else?

In most cases, yes – pawing is simply s form of asking for some extra attention. If your golden is putting his paw on you the moment you stop petting him or her, they are trying to tell you: “continue petting me, silly”!

But pawing can occur for other reasons as well. Sometimes it’s your dog trying to tell you that they need to go to the bathroom or that they feel a bit bored and want you to take them on a walk or play with them.

Sometimes they will also start barking or whining while putting their paws you, when they feel like they need to do a little extra something to get your attention.

In some occasions your golden retriever might even just want to check up on you, if you’ve been quite or still for a while. Just so they know that everything is fine.

Does your golden ever do that, and if – what is the most common reason? Let us know in the comments.