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Why do Golden Retrievers Smile?

Why do Golden Retrievers Smile?

Did you ever look your golden and could swear that he is smiling at you? Like after a long day at the park, or when you two are simply chilling on the couch? In case you know what I am talking about, here’s the answer as to if they are really smiling.

First of all, the face expression of golden retriever’s looks so much like a smile. Also it is natural for us to assume our pet is happy, and of course mostly he is. But different smiles can display different emotions.

In order to understand your dog better have in mind that there are at least three different types of smiles a dog can have.

  1. The Panting Smile

The panting smile means your Golden Retriever is hot or is in need of some water.

You can recognize this smile by your dog’s tongue is hanging, and he is panting. Panting and hanging out his tongue helps him to cool down.

  1. The Aggressive Smile

Golden retrievers are not aggressive at all, and this kind of smile is incredibly rare to see on them.

He will pin back his ears and he will face the threat head-on, using a strong, confrontational stance.

You will see this smile when your dog is feeling threatened in some way or in confronted with an unfamiliar and unfriendly animal.

  1. The Submissive Smile

Your dog uses the submissive smile when he meets a more dominant dog or a person he does not wish to challenge.

The submissive smile looks a lot like the aggressive smile but with lack of eye contact. Your dog will look away and keep his head down.

In conclusion, a smile is not always a sign of happiness. Unfortunately our dogs cannot talk to us to explain what their facial expression truly represent, so all we can really do is guess.