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Why Does My Golden Retriever Constantly Walk In Front Of Me?

Why Does My Golden Retriever Constantly Walk In Front Of Me?

You know how it sometimes feels like your dog is walking you? He is walking in front of you and leading the whole time and you’re just back there wondering how all of the other dogs in the park are actually walking beside their owners and not pulling on their leash to move faster all the time.

Well, there are a couple of reasons as to why your golden retriever it doing this.

He/She wants to walk faster

If they are constantly walking in front of you maybe they are just trying to tell you to speed it up a bit. This is especially likely if they are pulling on their leash. There is so much to explore and not enough time!

They are being protective/jealous

If your dog is usually overly protective when other animals are around and wants you all to themselves, maybe they are just speeding you up a bit so you won’t pet any other dogs at the dog park.

They want to interact with something

If your dog is constantly sniffing at bushes and trees they are trying to find some other animal that has been there recently.

They have A LOT of energy

If your dog is spinning all around like crazy when you are on your daily walks, maybe it’s trying to release some extra energy. Golden retrievers love exercise and they need to get at least one hour of it per day.

It wants attention

If your dog is walking in front of you at home, it either wants some extra attention or is trying to tell you something. So give your dog some pats on the head and some cuddles, and she if they are continuing to do it. If so, check if they have enough water or if everything is alright at home. Maybe they are feeling something you are not.