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Why Golden Retrievers Make The Best Parents

Why Golden Retrievers Make The Best Parents

Some will say that golden retrievers are only dogs, but let me tell you, one thing is for sure – we can still learn a thing or two from them about being great parents!

In case you are unaware, these are simply born world’s best mommies and daddies. Their gentle nature and loving spirit makes them great caretakers, and thanks to their strong parental instincts they not only take care of their kids, but of any babies in general. We’ve seen just how good they are with children and also with other species such as bunnies or even baby goats!

Here are the main reasons why they make such great parents:

They are always up for play time!

They know how to chill

They have the biggest hearts

They are very protective

They are patient and calm

They will let their kids have their full attention

They are just so visibly proud of their puppies