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Why Is My Dog Staring At The Wall?

Why Is My Dog Staring At The Wall?
Why Is My Dog Staring At The Wall

Dogs have many strange behaviors that can baffle us. One of the strangest things you can notice is your dog staring at the wall. No, there aren’t any ghosts there, but it’s a behavior that can signal some serious health or behavioral issues.

So, Why Is My Dog Staring At The Wall?

There are several reasons why your dog is staring at the wall. 

Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome

Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome is a disease that causes a decline in cognitive function in dogs. CDS is similar to Alzheimer’s disease in humans and it’s fairly common in senior dogs.

If your dog suffers from CDS, you will notice changes in his behavior, interactions with his environment, sleeping patterns, etc. A dog with CDS can also disregard things he learned in training and act disoriented.

When we talk about disorientation, we talk about the dog getting stuck in corners, staring at the walls, and walking aimlessly.

Compulsive Behavior

Similar to compulsive disorder in humans, dogs can also suffer develop compulsive behaviors. These include pacing, chasing unseen objects, licking, chewing, fly snapping, tail chasing, freezing, staring at the wall or into the distance.


Seizures in dogs are usually characterized by collapsing, foaming at the mouth, loss of consciousness, jerking, drooling, etc. However, not every seizure has such dramatic effects on the affected dog.

One type of seizure doesn’t have these symptoms, this is a focal or partial seizure. One of the tell-tale signs that your dog has a focal seizure is when you catch him repeatedly staring at the wall.

There are many reasons that can cause partial seizures such as cancer, idiopathic epilepsy, tumors, toxins, brain trauma, etc.

If you notice your dog is often staring at the wall, it’s time to take him to the vet. The vet will determine the underlying cause of the seizure and prescribe appropriate treatment.

Something Is In The Wall

So far we have seen that dog staring at the wall is usually caused by serious health issues. However, in some cases, it really can be something moving inside the wall that caught your dog’s attention.

Your dog has much better hearing than you and he can hear critters moving inside the wall even if you don’t hear anything.

What Should I Do If I Catch My Furry Friend Staring?

Well, the most important thing is to remember that seeing your dog staring at the wall doesn’t necessarily mean he has, CDS, cancer, or some other serious health issue. 

It’s all about the frequency. If you see your dog doing this once or twice, it’s probably nothing. However, if this happens on a regular basis and it’s accompanied by other changes in behavior, it’s time to visit the vet.