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Why Is My Golden Retriever So Lazy?

Why Is My Golden Retriever So Lazy?

Do you feel like all your golden retriever ever does is lay around and take naps? What could be the reason for that?

Is he just a bit lazy by nature, or is there something actually wrong with him?

Here are a couple of reasons as to why your dog is acting like that.


Being lazy could simply be in his or her’s nature. If she or him always has been lazy, then this is the most likely scenario. If your dog is calm and easy going by nature, that’s actually a pretty amazing thing. Many dog owners sure do envy you for that.


If your golden retriever is a senior, he might be a bit low on energy. As they get older, they require more and more energy to simply move around.
If your Golden Retriever has gradually become lazier as it has gotten older then it would make it more likely to be age-related.


If your dog isn’t getting the right nutrients, he might be lacking energy to do the things he is supposed to do. If you recently put your dog on a diet, that would be a very possible reason. Always make sure that your dog is getting enough of the right foods.


If you recently started giving your dog new medications that may be a reason as well. Check if it’s mentioned as a side effect on the bottle or contact your vet.


Just like humans dogs can get depression as well. If your dog suddenly started being lazy after something happened such as another pet dying, an owner leaving or if you have recently adopted it depression could be a possible reason for their lack of motivation to do anything.

In this case, it might begin to improve over the course of weeks. Make sure to give your dog the much needed attention and love, and to do regular exercises.