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Why It’s Important To Exercise Your Dog After Neutering Or Spaying

Why It’s Important To Exercise Your Dog After Neutering Or Spaying

If you’re considering to spay or neuter your golden retriever, know that you’ll have to keep some things on your mind. Even though many do this for safety and the health benefits, know that the process also contains some risks such as certain diseases or change in behavior.

The first step to take is to make the experience as pleasant as possible for the dog and inform yourself about the possible risks. Weight gain js one of them. Because of that it’s important for dog owners to be aware of the fact that most dogs will gain weight after neutering or spaying.

First-time pet parents should know about this possible side effect of the procedures that they have to prepare for. Weight gain will be especially noticeable in larger dog breeds such as golden retrievers.

Castration seems to decrease the ability to regulate the appetite in male dogs and at the same time, it might also decrease the incentive to exercise, which results in an increased risk of becoming overweight. Being overweight isn’t only a huge risk for people, but for dogs as well. According to research, most obese dogs had a lifespan shorter by two years, regardless of their breed.

That’s exactly why it’s d important to add daily exercises to your and your dog’s routine. Golden retrievers love to exercise, and it should be no problem for them to increase their activities during the day.

Being overweight is more that exercises, proper nutrition can also help you to keep your dog healthy and full with life.

Make sure your dog isn’t taking in too many calories and that he’s taking enough supplements that’ll keep him healthy after the procedure.