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Why The Dog Licks Your Face And Why It Turns In A Circle Before Lying Down: 12 Strange Behaviors That Have An Explanation

Why The Dog Licks Your Face And Why It Turns In A Circle Before Lying Down: 12 Strange Behaviors That Have An Explanation

People who love dogs simply melt when they see their pets dreaming while sleeping, tilting their head to the side, or simply running around crazy after bathing.

But what many of us didn’t know is that these behaviors that seem so sweet to us actually have a purpose.

Even if dogs can’t talk, they have their own way of communicating things, and the things we mentioned are just a few examples of your dog trying to express his love, admiration, and sometimes his anxiety.

  1. He hunts his own tail

This action has 3 basic meanings, and whatever it is, it requires your full attention. The first option could be that your dog is extremely bored and is looking for just about anything for fun. Another possibility would be to have parasites that can cause itching or stinging. And the third option, if your dog hunts his tail often, may be suffering from OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) caused by stress, anxiety or frustration.

  1. Licking the face or feet

This is one of the most common ways for dogs to express love and respect for their human owners. You’ve probably heard that licking a dog is the equivalent of kissing. If your puppy licks your feet, he may be trying to feel your taste, your chemical composition, and your health. Sometimes a dog will do it just to get your attention.

  1. The dog tilts his head to the side

One of the most heartwarming things to see is a dog tilting its head in an attempt to better understand what you are doing or saying. Some theories say they are thus able to hear tones or words with more precision.

Other theories mention that their muzzle often stands in their way and tilting their head gives them better vision. Whatever the case, a dog that tilts its head always produces a long and honest “Awww.”

  1. Excitement at catching the ball

Spending time with your dog and playing games you know they like for them means the whole world. Not only is it fun, but catching the ball and giving it back to you is a way to give you a “gift” and pleasure.

  1. Shaking a toy

As you probably already know, dogs are distant relatives of wolves. Dogs are genetically close to wild relatives, and so are some of their reactions. A dog toy can sometimes be understood as a type of prey. Strong shaking of the toy is an automatic reaction left by their hunting instincts. However, most dogs at home do it just for fun.

  1. Rubbing the face

Your dog’s front paws are very helpful when it comes to keeping things tidy. They use them to cleanse the face when they have allergy problems, especially if they feel itchy. Keep in mind that if you reward your dog when he does, you can be sure that he will repeat the action more and more often. It is also a sign of obedience to other animals or their owners.

  1. Running around the house after bathing

If your dog is running around the house at the speed of light after taking a nice bath, then he is experiencing something called a period of frenetic random activity. It is an extreme accumulation of energy.

Most dogs really hate to bathe, and when they finally feel free and the torment is over, they explode with pure joy. This at the same time helps them to dry out and regain their natural scent, which also makes them even happier because the scents of the shampoo are usually not to their liking.

  1. Rotate before lying down As mentioned earlier, dogs are distant relatives of wolves. Turning around their own axis a few times, they are a way to check their surroundings and make sure that nothing dangerous is waiting for them to jump out and surprise them. Of course, in the case of domestic dogs, it is mostly an inherited reaction.
  2. Sleeping on your feet or cuddling with you

Dogs love to feel the warmth of their pack, and for them, you are their pack. That’s why sitting close to you is their way of showing their closeness and affection to you. It is also the way they mark their territory. This is especially true for visitors at home.