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Why you should definitely get your dog a slow feeder!

Why you should definitely get your dog a slow feeder!

Is your dog inhaling its food instead of eating it? Or is your dog having trouble keeping its food down once he/she ate it? If yes, then you might want to buy a slow feeder.

When your pet eats too rapidly they are often unable to retain their food because they can’t digest it fast enough, as a result of that they can get a condition called bloat. This happens when your dog is inhaling air while eating too quickly, and it unfortunately can require a surgical procedure to reverse. 

This is why you should think about getting a slow feeder for your dog. It was invented to curb your pet’s eating habits.

Another reason why you should get your dog a slow feeder is that slow feeders require some thought as to how to get at the food. A dog figuring out how to get those biscuits out of the puzzle feeder gets valuable mental stimulation. This is extremely beneficial to the dog because it reduces boredom, which in turn alleviates frustration, and reduces problem behaviors such as excessive barking or chewing.

If you’re not sure whether or not your dog will eat out of a slow feeder you can try using a cookie or baking sheet. Simply spread your pets kibble out on the pan and allow your pet to eat.