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You Think The Eye Color Of Your Golden Retriever Changed? You Might Be Right!

You Think The Eye Color Of Your Golden Retriever Changed? You Might Be Right!
eye color change

You think you noticed that the eyes of your dog changed colors? Well, you might actually be right.

Here’s what you should know about that.

Your dogs eyes will naturally change colors with age. Dr. Jennifer Scarlett, veterinarian and San Francisco SPCA representative, told KCBS radio “most puppies are born with amber or yellow eyes but those will change to a dark brown by about eight weeks of age.” Golden retrievers usually have brown to dark brown eyes.

If you think that the eyes of your golden are starting to turn blue, you definitely want to visit the vet. That could indicate a disease called interstitial keratitis, “a corneal inflammation in which a bluish-white film appears over the clear window of the eye. It is caused by the same virus that causes infectious hepatitis,” according to WebMD.

This disease can be very serious. It includes symptoms such as watery eyes and photophobia.
“Most dogs recover completely within a few weeks. In some cases the eye remains permanently clouded,” says WebMD.

Cataracts in Golden Retrievers

Cataracts are also very often in Golden Retrievers. If your golden is affected by it their eyes will seem cloudy or with a bluish-gray coat over them. “Be aware, though, that it’s natural for a dog’s lens to become cloudy, or gray, with age. This condition, called nuclear sclerosis, doesn’t put a dog’s vision in as much danger as cataracts might, and treatment isn’t usually recommended,” according to WebMD.

Eye color changes can also indicate an infection of the iris or cornea conditions according to Dr. Scarlett.

If your dog isn’t a senior and you have noticed their eyes changing color, always make sure to take them to the vet. Better safe than sorry.