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  • Image to show what a healthy Golden retriever weight is

    Golden retriever weight: What is healthy?

    Just like it’s with people, animals shouldn’t be underweight or overweight. Either one of these scenarios will potentially make your dog’s life much harder. But what is the right weight when we’re talking about Golden retriever weight? What is the ideal weight, and what is concerning? Golden retriever weight According to the American breed standards, […] More

  • Odin Was Delighted That His Family Remembered His Birthday

    We all love our birthdays, right? So did our little fur friends, especially this little guy. Meet Odin. Yes, he bares a name of mighty Norse “Allfather” God, but he ain’t so scary. Odin is a little dog with big smile. He lives in Mexico with Joyce Cetina and her family. They adopted him more […] More

  • Golden Retriever Named Lucky Lives Up To His Name

    A heroic firefighter saved a Golden retriever who fell through the ice at Grant Park pond in Hewlett, New York. The golden retriever, with the perfect name – Lucky, got himself into trouble when he was rescued from an icy pond he fell into. The poor puppy was forced to swim in the freezing water […] More

  • New Research Shows That Golden Retrievers are the Most Popular Dog Breed in Canada

    According to the ranking from HouseholdQuotes, the Golden Retriever is the new most popular breed in Canada. Canadian dog owners also like Rottweilers and German Shepards, while Goldies was ranked third in this country. However, UK-based HouseholdQuotes did their research, based on Google searches and Google maps, which shows that Golden retrievers are the most […] More

  • Black Golden retriever: The strikingly different dog

    Have you ever seen a black Golden retriever? These amazing dogs are great with people, loving and loyal. They also have so many characteristics of your traditional Golden retriever, however, they’re not part of the Golden retriever family. Even though these black beauties are just as gorgeous and amazing as our good old Goldens, there […] More

  • A New Cat In The House Is Trying To Get The Attention Of A Golden Retriever

    The Gambit Golden Retriever must be near a cat that has recently moved into his home at all costs. Namely, the owners of this dog from the shelter for neglected animals adopted the cat Luna and now everything is subordinated to her. Whenever Gambit decides to take a nap, Luna comes to hug him. She […] More

  • This Female Golden Retriever Thinks She’s the Mother of Baby Goats

    Sometimes, maternal instincts cross-species. We feel it when our pets literally feel like our kids and sometimes animals experience that deep, bonding love for animals they’re 100 percent not related to—like Loryn, a golden retriever who is super sure she’s the mom to some rescued baby goats. Loryn cuddles her rescued goat babies and it’s […] More

  • Try Not To Cry While Reading This Woman’s Touching Tribute To Her Beloved Dog

    Few things are harder on your heart than saying goodbye to a beloved canine companion. So when Archie the golden retriever was diagnosed with cancer, his “mom”, Amy Thompson took to Twitter to share a touching tribute to her long-time fur friend. The series of 16 tweets tug at any animal lover’s heartstrings. The owner […] More

  • This Golden Retriever is terrified of a little kitten

    Kittens are scary, right? Well, that’s what this Golden retriever thinks! A video posted on the YouTube channel This Is Bailey has won the internet over? Why? Well because it shows a huge golden retriever named Bailey being terrified of a little kitten named Simon. In the video we see Bailey’s dad bring home a […] More

  • This Puppy Defending His Family From An Evil Door Stop Will Make Your Day

    Doors can be hard for pups. Some sit and wait by them endlessly, while others always stop at a doorway before walking through. But door stops? Now those are downright troublesome to adorable puppies like this baby golden retriever, who has finally worked up the courage to do battle with this door stop. More

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