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  • Pretty white dog with red around his eyes while his owner wonders about dog eye discharge

    Dog Eye Discharge: What’s Normal?

    Different types of eye discharges are a fairly common problem in dogs. Sometimes it’s completely normal and harmless, while at other times it raises concerns. To learn when to worry about an eye discharge in your dog, keep on reading. There are different steps that you will have to make in order to determine if […] More

  • Two dog owners petting a dog after exchanging some dog pick up lines

    Dog Pick Up Lines For Cheeky Owners

    Have you ever walked around the dog park and seen an incredibly cute dog, but then look at the dog owner and you’re just WOWED! Because that person is even cuter! You loose the words coming from your mouth and won’t even know what to say, because you are mesmerized by that absolutely perfect face! […] More

  • Cute canine at the doctor for his dog eye infection treatment

    Dog Eye Infection Treatment

    Anyone who ever had an eye infection knows how uncomfortable and painful it can be. The itchiness, the redness, the swelling. Also, it takes forever for it to heal. And it isn’t any better for our canine friends as well. Eye infections are actually fairly common in dogs. However, there are different ways that we […] More

  • Golden retriever wearing a fancy dog eye patch

    Dog Eye Patch: Easy And Quick DIY

    And dog eye patch can be an accessory for a Halloween costume, or an graceful addition for dogs with eye problems. Depending on that you can make different types of eye patches. Today we have a DIY dog eye patch for you for the most basic eye patch. You can use it for many different […] More

  • A lady riding her bike and being happy about her dog carrier for bike

    Dog Carrier For Bike: Amazon Finds

    Summertime is the perfect timing to go on long and fun bike rides. But if you are a proud dog owner, you would maybe prefer it to take your canine companion with you on that adventure. For that you would definitely need a dog carrier for your bike. That way you and your dog can […] More

  • Dog owner wanting to try out his new dog cart for bike

    Dog Cart For Bike: Amazon Finds

    Going on the perfect adventure with your dog takes just two things: a bicycle and a dog cart for your bike. If you have these two, a good time is guaranteed. Just imagine the two of you rolling in your neighborhood while your adorable dog is chilling back in the cart. Sounds like the perfect […] More

  • An adorable tiny dog wearing the cutest small dog clothes

    Small Dog Clothes: Adorable Petite Styles

    Small and tiny dogs need to be protected at all costs! These precious creatures are sometimes so petite that they could basically fit in our pockets. Unlike some bigger dog breeds, small dogs really need the clothes as they offer an additional protective layer over their tiny built. That’s why it’s definitely something you want […] More

  • Terrified dog owner wondering why her dog’s eye is red and Swollen

    My Dog’s Eye Is Red And Swollen! What To Do?

    Having pets means taking care of their health and well being. That’s why it’s so crucial for us to inspect any possible changes in our dog’s health and immediately search for help if there is anything out of order. While we have the luxury to express anything that it bothering us, our dog’s unfortunately can’t […] More

  • Dog laying in the hot summer heat while his owner wants to buy a dog house with AC

    Dog House With AC: Best Options

    The summer that is coming is going to be a hot one! And while we can hide in our homes with air conditioning and dring iced coffees, some dogs may still like to stay outside. If the temperatures get dangerously high, your dog may even come into danger of a heatstroke. However there is a […] More

  • Dog owner wondering about the needed levels of vitamin e for dogs

    Vitamin E For Dogs — When Is It Enough?

    Having a high-quality and nutrient-rich diet is important for all dogs. Vitamins like vitamin C or vitamin K are crucial for the normal functioning of our dog’s bodies. When it comes to vitamin E for dogs — it’s affecting so many essential functions and processes. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps the body fight […] More

  • The owner of an adorable pregnant dog wondering about prenatal vitamins for dogs

    Prenatal Vitamins For Dogs

    If your female dog ja currently pregnant you might be wondering about all of the changes that you should do in her diet. A pregnant dog should be fed a high-quality and well balanced diet. There are even some prenatal vitamins for dogs that you can consider. The nutritional needs of a pregnant bitch only […] More

  • Worried dog owner wondering about the ways vitamin k1 for dogs could help for rat poisoning

    Vitamin K1 For Dogs With Rodenticide Poisoning

    Rodenticides are chemicals produced to kill rodents. It’s most commonly used to get rid of rats. However, in some cases dogs can also get their paws on it. If your dog by some chance ate a bigger amount of rodenticides, he may show symptoms of poisoning. This could possibly lead to a serious medical condition […] More

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