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  • When is national puppy day and how to celebrate it

    National Puppy Day — How To Celebrate It

    Have you ever heard of National Puppy Day? If not, you are definitely missing out on a lot! We celebrate National Puppy Day on March 23. It was Established back in 2006 and became a pawsome way for all dog lovers to celebrate their cute baby balls of fur. That day is also used to […] More

  • Golden retriever puppy running while his owner wonders about good dog names

    Good Dog Names That Were Trending In 2020

    If your currently in the process of adopting a puppy/dog, you’re automatically looking for good dog names as well. But it’s so hard to decide on one. There are endless possibilities when it comes to naming your canine. If you too are looking for some good dog names, we’ve got you covered! There are the […] More

  • Dog trying to sleep with a blanket over his head while his owner wonders is melatonin for dogs safe?

    Melatonin For Dogs: Is It Safe?

    If your dog has a hard time with going to sleep, you might be considering to give him melatonin. Humans have been using melatonin for years. It helps us go to sleep, have a better sleep cycle and feel more rested. But is melatonin for dogs safe? Recently, some evidence suggested that melatonin can help […] More

  • Golden retriever looking at his owner while he wonders about mites on dogs

    Mites On Dogs: How To Manage Them

    If you are concerned about mites on dogs, know that you aren’t alone. Many dog owners are wondering how mites can be diagnosed, treated or prevented. To find out, keep reading this article. What are mites? Mites are small parasites that burrow into your dog’s skin and eventually cause irritation and inflammation. They cause “mange”. […] More

  • Golden retriever looking sad and in pain while his owner is learning about prozac side effects

    Prozac Side Effects In Dogs

    Prozac, or also known as Fluoxetine, is an antidepressant an anti-anxiety medication that is usually used to treat humans. It works by inhibiting the reuptake of a neurotransmitter called serotonin. But it can also lead to some serious health issues. To learn about Prozac side effects in dogs, continue reading this article. But in some […] More

  • Golden retriever next to a bottle of tums while his owner wonders can you give a dog tums

    Can You Give A Dog Tums?

    If your dog is suffering from stomach aches, you might consider grabbing some over-the-counter medications to help him. However, which ones are safe for dogs? Can you give a dog tums? The short answer is – It depends. While a small dosage of tums won’t do any harm to dogs, some side effects are still […] More

  • A dog laying with a blanket over his body while his owner wonders can you give a dog Advil?

    Can You Give A Dog Advil?

    If you ever seen your canine friend going through pain you know how hard it is to watch. All we want is to help them and make them feel better. While we might take some medication that will relief us from the pain, for dogs it can be a bit more complicated. But does it […] More

  • Dog laying next to it’s bowl of food while his owner wonders can i give my dog pepto-bismol

    Can I Give My Dog Pepto-Bismol?

    Just like us humans, dogs can be affected with intestinal problems as well. Sometimes, when then issue isn’t severe we might consider treating our dogs ourselves. In those moments you might wonder if it’s okay to give your dog some over-the-counter medications. For example — pepto-bismol. If you’re one of the people asking: Can I […] More

  • Two dogs hugging each other while their owner wonders do dogs have souls

    Do Dogs Have Souls Or Spirits?

    If you ever looked deep into your dog’s eyes you know that there is something so deep and beautiful behind them. Even though dogs can’t talk to us directly, they communicate with us through the small acts of kindness that they do on a daily basis. If you’re a dog owner, you don’t need the […] More

  • A female canine with her kids how many puppies can a dog have

    How Many Puppies Can A Dog Have?

    If your dog is currently pregnant you might be wondering how many puppies to expect. Especially if that is your dog’s first litter, you want to know what is coming. The number of puppies in your dog’s litter depends on many different factors. In this article we will go over the factors and explain how […] More

  • Dog peacefully sleeping in bed while his owner wonders do dogs have nightmares

    Do Dogs Have Nightmares?

    If you have ever observed your dog sleeping, you sure have noticed all of those weird leg kicks, whining noises and weird tremors they experience in their sleep. It’s obvious that our dogs are completely lost in a dream world in those moments. But what are they dreaming about? Is it something good or bad? […] More

  • A dog owner staring into the eyes of his canine wondering do dogs see in black and white

    Do Dogs See In Black And White?

    While dogs definitely see the world differently from us — it’s a complete myth that they don’t see any colors at all. Many people wonder: Do dogs see in black and white? The answer is no — dogs actually see the world in a similar way that color blind humans see it. While most people […] More

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