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  • Dog loosing its fur all over the place while his owner wonders how do dogs get mange

    How Do Dogs Get Mange?

    Mange is a common skin disease in dogs. It’s especially common in stray dogs or dogs that are neglected and abused. Their coat lacks hair in some places, while in others it’s thickened, hard or has some crusty patches. Their skin often seems as if it has turned to stone. But how do dogs get […] More

  • Golden Retriever puppies for sale in Canada

    Golden retriever puppies for sale: Canada

    If you are not on the list and want to be listed contact us at [email protected] Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale in Alberta Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale in Manitoba Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale in Newfoundland and Labrador Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale in Ontario Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale in Quebec Golden Retriever […] More

  • three different labs

    How Long Do Labs Live?

    Labradors have been the most popular dogs in the world for several years. Thanks to their beautiful character, adorable appearance, and irresistible look, Labradors win the hearts of everyone. If you want to get a Labrador, you must have been interested in how long do labs live? How long do labs live Common to all […] More

  • golden retriever scared of waves

    This Golden Retriever is Scared of Waves

    It is known that golden retrievers love every kind of activity. They love to climb, walk, run, and even swim. One of their favorite activities is going to the beach. Who does not like it? Well, this puppy does not. This golden retriever went to the beach with owner, but he is not very happy. […] More

  • golden retriever hugging his brother after stealing his food

    This Golden Retriever Stole Brothers Food And Then Said Sorry

    A video of two dogs is becoming increasingly viral, where a dog stole his own brother’s food and ate it. Then the way he apologized, seeing that smile will come on your face too. This video has been cast on social media. The guilty looking Golden Retriever hugged his angry brother Coco. He was trying […] More

  • golden retriever won a race

    A Utah Dog Wins A Race And Goes Viral

    Holly is a golden doodle.  Her owner says she loves to run.  It was certainly obvious a week ago at Logan High School.  Logan was hosting schools from Utah and Idaho for track and field events.  If you haven’t yet seen the video you’re probably in a very small minority. What we find most amusing […] More

  • golden retriever and dolphin kissing

    Golden Retriever And Dolphin Are Best Friends Forever

    Gunner is a golden retriever and a very good boy. Delta is a bottlenose dolphin and also, presumably, very good. Back in June, Twitter user @_woollyback posted a tweet that read “sorry to interrupt, important news.” The important news? A photo of Gunner leaning over the water to give Delta a big lick to the […] More

  • golden retriever loves to play with his pacifier

    This Sassy Golden Retriever Really Loves His Pacifier

    It’s a conundrum faced by many a pet owner: Their dogs want desperately to play, bouncing up and down on all four paws with a ball or Frisbee in their mouths, or dropping a Frisbee in Mom/Dad’s lap over and over again, until their humans finally give in and head outside with said toy. They […] More

  • golden retriever saved baby bunnies

    A Golden Retriever Saved Six Baby Bunnies After They Lost Their Mom

    Just when we thought we couldn’t love dogs enough, our hearts have melted over the most adorable story EVER! A Golden Retriever named Otis rescued six newborn rabbits after they lost their mom. The good boy helped return them to their nest too! He carefully held the babies in his mouth, sheltered them with his […] More

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