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Quincy Pup Is On The Path to a New Home

Quincy Pup Is On The Path to a New Home

In Quincy, a sweet dog that residents have affectionately named “Ivy” embarked on a chilly adventure, roaming the streets of Wollaston for at least three days. Concerned neighbors, noticing Ivy’s presence and sensing she was lost or injured, rallied together to help.

Thanks to the community’s efforts, Ivy was successfully captured near the playground at Quincy Shore Drive and West Elm Avenue with the assistance of dedicated officers and residents.

After a visit to VCA South Shore Animal Hospital, where she received a thorough check-up and overnight care, Ivy received a clean bill of health despite her initial emaciated state. Quincy police Capt. Daniel Guarente shared that Ivy, estimated to be around 5 years old, is now on the road to recovery under the compassionate care of Quincy Animal Shelter.

Source: The Patriot Ledger

Although Ivy’s original identity remains a mystery, the name stuck, chosen by social media users who found her resemblance to a dog named Ivy endearing. Once Ivy is back to full health, she will be seeking a loving forever home through adoption.

With no one stepping forward to claim her or report her missing, Ivy’s next chapter promises to be filled with love and new beginnings. Stay tuned for updates on Ivy’s journey to finding her perfect match and starting a brand-new adventure!

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