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  • dog with sunglasses

    Dog with sunglasses: Does he need them?

    You must have seen a picture of a dog with sunglasses before. At first, it looks too sweet and it certainly made your day. However, do dogs really need glasses? Do dogs need sunglasses? People need glasses to avoid ultraviolet exposure which over the years does a lot of damage to our eyes. Unlike humans, […] More

  • dogs riding in basket for bike

    Dog basket for bike: Shopping guide

    If you are a sports-type or still ride a bike while going to work or go to the beach by bike, do you know what could make your ride more beautiful? Have you thought about having company while driving? Your dog can be a great companion. Of course, safety comes first, you can find a […] More

  • dog shoes for summer

    The best dog shoes for summer

    With the arrival of summer, high temperatures come, but also trips to the beach. We know that the best time in the summer is on the beach, but we are sure that our dogs think the same. However, although their paws are good thermal insulators and it is not a problem for them to walk […] More

  • dog toy basket

    Dog toy basket ideas and DIY

    If you are a dog owner then you are probably constantly encountering toys in every corner of the home. We all try to make our furry friends happy and buy them a handful of toys. Of course, they, although they always have a favorite toy, have to scatter all the toys. While it’s impossible to […] More

  • christmas dog toys

    Christmas dog toys you will fall in love with

    We all love Christmas. Lots of gifts, food, parties, … Besides us, we are sure that dogs also love Christmas. They get a lot of food under the table, but also gifts. What better gift for a dog than treats or Christmas dog toys? Remember, it’s never too early to think about Christmas gifts! Toys […] More

  • can dogs drink beer

    Can dogs drink beer with us?

    Simply, there is no better feeling than drinking a cold beer during the summer days. Beer refreshes and cools us. The only thing that can brighten up that moment is drinking beer with someone. And have you ever wondered if you can have a beer with your furry friend? What do you think, can dogs […] More

  • can dogs drink wine?

    Can dogs drink wine and be drunk?

    We are sure that you all know the benefits of wine for our bodies. Better blood count if you drink moderate amounts of blackberry wine is well-known information to everyone. But have you ever wondered can dogs drink wine? Can dogs drink wine Although you consider your dogs best friends and would love to have […] More

  • how do dogs drink water

    How do dogs drink water?

    Water is very important for the functioning of the organism. Sufficient water intake triggers all processes in the body. If you have ever observed a dog while drinking water you may have noticed a specific way in which it ingests water. If you have not paid attention, we will explain how to do dogs drink […] More

  • how much water should a dog drink

    How much water should a dog drink

    Water keeps us alive and helps our bodies stay healthy. Without water, we cannot function. Just like humans, animals need to drink water. Have you ever wondered how much water should a dog drink? Like everything, water should be consumed within limits. If a dog does not drink enough water, it can become dehydrated, its […] More

  • dog training near me

    Dog Training Near Me: How To Find The Right One

    Puppies usually do not know how to behave properly at home, during walks, with other dogs and people, however, adult dogs can behave in the same way. A trained and well-behaved dog is a joy to live with. Dog training is a very important and beneficial factor in life with your dog. If you are […] More

  • Dogs bed: golden retriever sleeping on the bed

    Dog Beds: How To Choose The Right One

    We know that all dogs like to sleep with their owners. However, neither you nor the dogs can rest properly. Dogs need a lot of sleep, between 12 and 14 hours a day. Also, it is very important that the dog has its own bed as he will not be able to sleep with you […] More

  • three different labs

    How Long Do Labs Live?

    Labradors have been the most popular dogs in the world for several years. Thanks to their beautiful character, adorable appearance, and irresistible look, Labradors win the hearts of everyone. If you want to get a Labrador, you must have been interested in how long do labs live? How long do labs live Common to all […] More

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