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  • three different labs

    How Long Do Labs Live?

    Labradors have been the most popular dogs in the world for several years. Thanks to their beautiful character, adorable appearance, and irresistible look, Labradors win the hearts of everyone. If you want to get a Labrador, you must have been interested in how long do labs live? How long do labs live Common to all […] More

  • the willson dog-friendly restaurant

    Dog Friendly Restaurants In New York

    Have you ever wanted to take your dog to a restaurant? Or to meet an old friend during a walk with the dog and decide to go to lunch with her? I’m sure you did, but I’m also sure you had a problem finding a restaurant that would allow you to come in with the […] More

  • unique girl dog names

    Unique Girl Dog Names You’ll Love

    The biggest problem for every owner after choosing which dog will become part of the family is choosing a name. In a sea of ​​beautiful names, it’s hard to decide on one that will suit the dog and his character. If you need to get a new furry family member soon, be sure to check […] More

  • unique boy dog names for your puppy

    Unique Boy Dog Names You’ll Fall In Love With

    Firstly, you need to know that getting a dog is the best decision you can make. Fur balls bring love and a special feeling to your home. Most importantly, each dog is special in its own way and deserves a special name. If you want to get a boy dog, you must think about unique […] More

  • best dogs for kids

    Best Dogs For Kids And Families

    You must have heard the famous saying “A dog is a man’s best friend” a million times. This saying is really true because the only friend who would give his life for you is actually a dog. Dogs are there for us in all situations and give us great love. Dogs are a great support […] More

  • Milly, the smallest dog in the world

    Smallest Dog In The World: Milly The Chihuahua

    Small dogs win people’s hearts every day. Those little fur balls are impossible to dislike. You can take them everywhere, put them in a bag, and most importantly, they don’t need a lot of space. Have you ever wondered what the smallest dog in the world looks like? Many people think that their dog should […] More

  • golden retriever scared of waves

    This Golden Retriever is Scared of Waves

    It is known that golden retrievers love every kind of activity. They love to climb, walk, run, and even swim. One of their favorite activities is going to the beach. Who does not like it? Well, this puppy does not. This golden retriever went to the beach with owner, but he is not very happy. […] More

  • golden retriever hugging his brother after stealing his food

    This Golden Retriever Stole Brothers Food And Then Said Sorry

    A video of two dogs is becoming increasingly viral, where a dog stole his own brother’s food and ate it. Then the way he apologized, seeing that smile will come on your face too. This video has been cast on social media. The guilty looking Golden Retriever hugged his angry brother Coco. He was trying […] More

  • golden retriever won a race

    A Utah Dog Wins A Race And Goes Viral

    Holly is a golden doodle.  Her owner says she loves to run.  It was certainly obvious a week ago at Logan High School.  Logan was hosting schools from Utah and Idaho for track and field events.  If you haven’t yet seen the video you’re probably in a very small minority. What we find most amusing […] More

  • golden retriever and dolphin kissing

    Golden Retriever And Dolphin Are Best Friends Forever

    Gunner is a golden retriever and a very good boy. Delta is a bottlenose dolphin and also, presumably, very good. Back in June, Twitter user @_woollyback posted a tweet that read “sorry to interrupt, important news.” The important news? A photo of Gunner leaning over the water to give Delta a big lick to the […] More

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