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Golden Retriever lovers, all dog breeds and pets welcome

  • Can Dogs Eat Avocado

    Can Dogs Eat Avocado? Are Avocados Poisonous To My Dog?

    Avocado is currently one of the most popular fruits in the USA. It owes its popularity to high nutritional value as it contains healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. Avocado may be our favorite fruit and generally good for us, but what about our dogs? Can dogs eat avocado? Is it good or bad for them? […] More

  • Can Dogs Get Covid

    Can Dogs Get Covid? How To Keep My Dog Safe?

    The covid-19 pandemic has swept through the world, causing many deaths and crippling economies. One could say that a single virus changed the world, and it will take many years for things to get back to normal. With so many deaths caused by a coronavirus, it is only natural that you are worried for the […] More

  • Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes

    Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes? Are They Poisonous To Your Dog?

    There is a lot of confusion among owners about whether their dogs can eat tomatoes. The short answer would be yes. However, there is so much more you should know about this subject if you are planning to give tomatoes to your dog. Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes? Yes And No! Part of the confusion regarding […] More

  • Can Dogs Eat Oranges

    Can Dogs Eat Oranges? Are They Safe For Your Dog?

    The answer to this question is simple and straightforward. Yes, dogs can eat oranges. However, there are few things to consider before giving your dog this exotic fruit. Should Dogs Eat Oranges? There is a difference between what you can do and what you should do. In this case, you can give oranges to your […] More


  • A dog’s purpose: The one movie you must watch

    Have you ever heard of the movie “A dog’s purpose”? If not, you will definitely now! And a disclaimer, I might sound like a complete lunatic writing this article, but that’s because I love this movie so, so, soooo much! The movie will make you cry, but it will also make happy at the same […]

  • Besties: Golden Retriever Kisses Baby And Receives The Biggest Smile

    Golden retriever and baby spending their time together

    Golden retrievers and babies are simply meant to be besties! And this is simply a fact. We don’t know why these two are so obsessed with each other, but they simply are. Babies and small kids see golden retrievers as gentle giants, they are just so unbelievably fascinating to them and all they want to […]

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