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  • How to stop your dog’s leash aggression and reactivity

    Leash aggression and reactivity in dog’s is not only very annoying and embarrassing for the owners it can be very, very dangerous as well! That is the reason why it’s important to stop that kind of behavior as soon as possible. But how do you do that? There are actually several tactics to help you […] More

  • What to do if your dog keeps running away

    If your dog keeps running away you have a very, very dangerous problem on your hand which you need to solve as soon as possible. But how do you deal with your dog constantly running away? Exercise If your dog keeps running away it might be because they are under stimulated or under exercised. To […] More

  • stop your dog from begging for food

    How to stop your dog from begging for food

    Begging for food is definitely on the top of the list of most common dog behavior problems. But don’t worry, it can be fixed, but only if the whole family is on board! So no more secretly handing out scraps under the table. This is going to be a huge hurdle in getting the desired […] More

  • stop your dog from pulling his leash

    Behavioral Issues: How to stop your dog from pulling his leash?

    Many dog owners face common dog behavior problems like jumping, barking, chewing, peeing, or pooping inside the house. In fact, one of the most asked questions on forums is how to stop your dog from pulling his leash? Today we’re going to dissect leash pulling, why it happens and what you as a dog owner […] More

  • How to teach your dog the five essential commands?

    Teaching your dog different commands can be a challenging task for many people. Especially if they haven’t started early on while their dog was still a puppy. However, there is no need for you to despair. Even if your dog is a little bit older you can still teach them a few commands. If you […] More

  • Possible reasons why your puppy is peeing in the house

    As a responsible dog parent you’ve probably potty trained your dog and you’re taking them on regular walks, you even let them out in the backyard for bathroom breaks. It all sounds great, however there is one problem. Your puppy still does his business inside the house. So, why on earth is this happening?! Well, […] More

  • Have you ever wondered why your dog barks at the mail carrier?

    Is your dog usually very calm and mild-mannered, however, turns into a little barking monster when he or she sees the mail carrier? Don’t be mad, it’s simply in their nature, dogs tend to be protective, and some breeds are naturally more territorial than others. This of course doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t teach your […] More

  • Tips for new dog owners: How to crate train!

    Even though many people believe that keeping your dog in a crate is like “imprisoning” your dog, but it is actually not! It is very beneficial because dogs are naturally den animals and enjoy being in small, enclosed places. Keeping your dog in a crate also teaches them responsibility and calms their anxiety, it also […] More

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