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  • How To Teach A Dog To Speak

    How To Teach A Dog To Speak?

    Teaching your dog to speak is a great way to impress your family and friends. It’s also a great and useful trick you can teach your dog to protect your house from thieves. Also, your dog will learn when to bark and when to stay silent, which is a great way to control constant barking. […] More

  • How To Make Your Dog A Service Dog

    How To Make Your Dog A Service Dog?

    If you have physical or mental disabilities that prevent you from living a normal life, you are qualified for a service dog. A service dog is a dog trained specifically to perform the task you are unable to do due to your disability. On the other hand, a therapy dog is trained to provide comfort […] More

  • How To Teach A Dog To Stay

    How To Teach A Dog To Stay?

    Teaching your dog to stay calm and still on your command can be a bit tricky. To teach a dog to stay, your command and training process must be clear and defined for the dog. On the other hand, you will need a lot of patience and will to continue the training and eventually teach […] More

  • How To Teach A Dog To Roll Over

    How To Teach A Dog To Roll Over?

    It’s always nice to see a well-trained dog performing a wide variety of tricks. One of the cutest and easiest commands you can teach your dog is how to roll over. But, how to do it? How to teach a dog to roll over? In this article, you will find a step-by-step guide on how […] More

  • Picture of walking a dog in order to answer how often do you walk your dog?

    How often do you walk your dog?

    How often do you walk your dog? How many times a day day and for how many minutes? Walking your dog regularly is essential to their health. Walks are their workouts, that’s how they stay in shape and get out all of the energy inside of them. By walking them you’ll make sure your dog […] More

  • Picture on how to house train a dog?

    How to house train a dog? NOAH strategy

    New dog owners struggle the most with potty training their puppy. It’s so difficult to teach the new family member that he or she can’t do their business inside the house. It seems like you have made progress and your puppy finally understands where it should pee. However, then you find a stain on the […] More

  • Picture of Golden retriever to answer the question are Golden retrievers hyper?

    Are Golden retrievers hyper?

    Golden retrievers are among the top three most popular dog breeds in the US. However, many people who are considering getting a Golden retriever wonder “are Golden retrievers hyper”? The answer is yes! Golden retrievers are full of energy and very hyper. They jump, bite, run around, and can’t stop playing. When you a Golden […] More

  • Training a golden retriever puppy with clickers

    How To Train Your Golden Retriever With Clickers

    Clicker training uses a clicker to train your dogs to repeat good behavior and actions. You basically need just two things for clicker training your dog: A clicker, and treats or other types of rewards. In some ways using a clicker can be better than using a command word, and here’s why: Clicking is faster […] More

  • A golden retriever puppy gently biting the finger of a human

    How To Stop Your Golden Retriever Puppy From Biting

    Biting is in no way unusual behavior for our sweet puppies. They will do it especially much when their teeth are growing, because in that way they are able to soothe the uncomfortableness of it. By time they will learn to control their impulses to bite anything that comes even close to their mouth, but […] More

  • Are Golden Retrievers Easy To Train

    Are Golden Retrievers Easy To Train? Facts You Need To Know

    Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular breeds in the world. They are especially popular in the USA. There are, of course, reasons for this surge in popularity of Golden Retrievers across the globe. The breed was originally intended to hunt and retrieve gunned down waterfowl. However, the role of the Golden Retriever has […] More

  • How to stop your dog’s leash aggression and reactivity

    Leash aggression and reactivity in dog’s is not only very annoying and embarrassing for the owners it can be very, very dangerous as well! That is the reason why it’s important to stop that kind of behavior as soon as possible. But how do you do that? There are actually several tactics to help you […] More

  • What to do if your dog keeps running away

    If your dog keeps running away you have a very, very dangerous problem on your hand which you need to solve as soon as possible. But how do you deal with your dog constantly running away? Exercise If your dog keeps running away it might be because they are under stimulated or under exercised. To […] More

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