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How To House Train A Dog

How To House Train A Dog

If your dog is still peeing inside you’re probably wondering: How to house train a dog? That means that your dog only does it’s business outdoors and announces when he has to go outside. Even adult four-legged friends can also become unclean under certain circumstances. Find out below how to house train a dog or puppy and what the reasons for peeing inside can be.

Getting puppies housebroken is time-consuming and can put your patience to the test. For puppies, cleanliness education is best achieved if you regularly take your young four-legged friend outside and wait until he has dissolved there.

How often should I go out with my puppy?

Especially in the first few months, it is important to go outside with your dog as much as possible. This is the only way to get your puppy house trained.

This means: In the first time, go outside after each sleeping, eating or playing with the puppy and give him the opportunity to do his business there. To do this, carry the puppy quietly on your arm all the way out.

Up to the age of three months, this can be every one to two hours. Older puppies, on the other hand, should be given the opportunity to detach themselves outside every three to four hours.

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Be attentive in between. You will soon develop a feel for the signs. Then you can take your puppy outside immediately – but without hassle – where you praise him extensively and with a friendly voice after his business. The slate you are looked at on the street, the better you have succeeded!

How do I know that my dog has to pee?

Puppies are naturally reluctant to drop urine or feces near their bed. In this respect, it also corresponds to their tendency to detach themselves only at a distance from their own homes.

Nevertheless, it can sometimes take weeks, even months, for you to house train a dog – even if everything goes smoothly. So you have to remain patient in any case.

How to train your dog

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However, these signs allow you to see if your puppy may have to “must” again:

  1. Restlessness
  2. Increased taster
  3. Walk to the door
  4. Puppy turns in circles

If your puppy does his business outdoors, praise him extensively for it.

Further obstacles to house train a dog

It can also be difficult if the puppy has only urinated on a certain surface at the breeder. Then he must first learn to make himself easier on lawns or forest paths.

Also keep in mind: Puppies are currently discovering the world. They are interested in everything and are quickly distracted, especially in nature. Some puppies literally forget their needs. Then a malheur quickly happened at home.

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Optimally, there is initially a fixed place where the puppy does his business. Visit this place before and after each walk so that the puppy can dissolve in peace.

Getting puppies housebroken: What can I do at night?

Problems can arise if you do not take your puppy out at night. He will probably look for a distant corner in your home and inevitably lighten his bubble there.

So that this does not happen, you can set the alarm clock at night and go outside briefly at the usual rhythm. Another option is to let your puppy sleep in a dog box next to your bed. If the dog wants to loosen at night, he will now make himself felt by you and you can take him outside.

He should be able to stand comfortably in the box. Consider how fast a puppy grows and therefore buy it in an appropriate size. But beware: A box that is too large can lead to one corner being used as a sleeping place and another corner as a toilet place.

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So in order to get a puppy housebroken, it is important to go outside regularly with him at night. A puppy who is encouraged to purity at any time of the day learns to do his business exclusively outside much faster.

Three tips on how to keep your puppy housebroken

You follow the measures mentioned so far and yet you can’t get your puppy housebroken? Then we have three more tricks for you that can be helpful for difficult cases.

Dog toilet

A dog toilet can help you get your dog or puppy housebroken. But consider the following point: Your puppy quickly gets used to detaching on the underground of the toilet. But if he only gets to know this one, it will later be difficult to get him used to the grass outside.

Use special cleaning agents

If an accident happens to your puppy, it is best to clean the contaminated area immediately with a special cleaner. Otherwise, your dog will quickly consider the toilet area as a suitable solution place again.

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Incidentally, a special cleaning agent is necessary because the noses of dogs still perceive smells even if we humans have not smelled anything for a long time.

Important: Never punish the puppy

A puppy still has no more under control of his bladder than a toddler with a diaper. Often the puppy only notices that he has to when it has already happened.

If you punish him at this time, he cannot link this to solving himself. In the worst case, you will destroy the relationship of trust that has just been established. Instead, the puppy learns to secretly lighten himself in unused corners of your apartment in the future.

If your puppy does his business several times in the house, you should stay outside with him in the future until he has to do his business there. Then praise him extensively.

Patience will pay off: Once you have your dog or puppy housebroken, you will be able to rely on him at any time.

Adult dogs can also suddenly become unclean. Usually a disease is then the reason.

Adult dog

When it comes to uncleanliness in dogs, there are two forms. On the one hand, there are not yet housebroken puppies and actually housebroken four-legged friends who suddenly start peeing inside again. In the latter, physical diseases are often the cause.

A normally housebroken dog that does his business gradually or suddenly in your apartment may thus show symptoms of illness. For example, cystitis and intestinal infections, but also digestive problems due to another food or allergy can cause it.

In addition, older dogs – due to sphincter weakness – and especially neutered bitches can get incontinence problems. So if an adult dog suddenly shows uncleanliness, you should definitely see a veterinarian.

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