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  • Is the victorian bulldog the best bulldog out there?

    Victorian Bulldog: Is This The Best Bulldog?

    Although a Victorian bulldog is known as drooling, don’t be deterred by a little drooling! These endearing lumps are friendly, gentle and will be the heart and soul of your house. These low-maintenance dogs are a constant ray of sunshine in your life and bring light into your day. If you are looking for a […] More

  • king german shepherd

    King German Shepherd: Giants of the canine world

    We all know about German Shepherds, they are among the most popular breeds. But did you ever hear about the King German Shepherd or better known as just King Shepherds? No? Well, let me introduce you to him. Now, even though King Shepherds are not officially recognized by the American Kennel Club, their size makes […] More

  • What is the Labrador Husky Mix and how do they act

    Labrador Husky Mix: The Good And The Bad

    The Husky Labrador mix is a cross between two of America’s most popular dog breeds; the Siberian Husky and the Labrador Retriever. This friendly and energetic mix has many names, including Labradoreky, Huskador or Siberian Retriever. They are a medium-sized breed that weighs between 35 and 80 pounds and can grow up to 24 inches […] More

  • The Alabai dog gracefully standing on the grass

    Alabai Dog: Central Asian Shepherd Dog

    The Alabai dog – also called Central Asian shepherd dog – is a challenge that not everyone can cope with. The keeping of this dog is only possible with a lot of dog experience, time and patience. The Central Asian Shepherd needs a lot of space and exercise. So no need to say that this […] More

  • The Shar Pei dog has a lot of wrinkles on his body

    Shar Pei Dog: What You Have To Know

    You probably have already heard of the Shar Pei dog. His wrinkles and small shell-shaped ears are his main physical features. He is a strong-willed dog that needs consistent leadership and close family connection. Personality of the Shar Pei dog The Shar Pei usually radiates peacefulness and serenity. He is loyal and loving to his […] More

  • Doberman with cropped ears and another Doberman with uncropped ears that are floppy

    Doberman Uncropped Ears: Better Or Worse?

    You probably have already heard of Dobermans. These canines are known for their slim, elegant but yet muscular and strong appearance. Their pointy, erect ears give them even more of an intimidating appearance. However, did you know that not all Dobermans look like that? Dobermans get that look due to ear cropping. But a Doberman […] More

  • Boxweiler is the Boxer Rottweiler Mix that will steal your heart

    Boxer Rottweiler Mix: Everything To Know

    If you are looking for a muscular, active and sturdy dog, look no further! The Boxer Rottweiler mix, or Boxweiler as it’s also commonly called is just the one for you. Like the name says, this is a crossbreed between the Boxer and Rottweiler. They are a larger size dog breed, reaching up to 100 […] More

  • female rottweiler

    Female Rottweiler VS male Rottweiler

    Making the decision between which breed of dog to get can be very difficult. But, when you’re set on a breed, for example, a Rottweiler, you’ll also have to make another decision. Should you get a female Rottweiler or a male Rottweiler? The difference between male and female animals is very obvious. That’s why it’s […] More

  • A long haired french bulldog sleeping in his bed

    Long Haired French Bulldog

    The long haired French Bulldog is exactly what it sounds like — a French Bulldog with a longer coat. However, there are a few differences, and most of them lay in their genetics. The longer coat does not affect the personality of your French Bulldog. Additionally most of their main physical characteristics are still the […] More

  • How big does a full grown Maltipoo get

    Full Grown Maltipoo: How Big Do They Get?

    The Maltipoo is a mixture of the Maltese and Poodle. He is a small dog that is available in a variety of colors. Since Maltese are always white, the color depends on the poodle parent. Accordingly, the Maltipoo is available in white, gray, apricot, brown, black or spotted. Another thing that depends on the Poodle […] More

  • The Sarabi dog is one of the largest dog breeds out there

    Sarabi Dog: Everything You Have To Know

    Have you ever heard of the Sarabi dog breed? If not, then maybe of the Persian Mastiff, Iranian Shepherd, and Iranian Mastiff? All of these names are for one dog. So let you know at the beginning, this is a large and bulky dog that is said to hail from Iran. More specifically, East Azerbaijan, […] More

  • The Great Pyrenees Bernese Mountain Dog is a large and friendly family dog

    Great Pyrenees Bernese Mountain Dog

    Gentle giants! That’s how we would describe both, the Bernese Mountain dog and the Great Pyrenees. Both were originally guarding sheep in the Alpine mountains but evolved into being incredibly loving family dogs. But what about their crossbreed? Will it be equally as amazing? To learn more about the Great Pyrenees Bernese Mountain Dog mix, […] More

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