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Mini Aussiedoodles As Family Dogs: What You Have To Know

Mini Aussiedoodles As Family Dogs: What You Have To Know

Do you know what the mini Aussiedoodle is? If the answer is no, then you are in for a treat. This is a crossbreed, or hybrid dog, that is the result of crossing a Poodle with an Australian Shepherd. We have several articles on this breed, including one explaining if they are hypoallergenic. However, this article will be all about the personality of this lovely cross. Are mini Aussiedoodles good family dogs? Are mini Aussiedoodles hyper? And lastly, are mini Aussiedoodles high-maintenance? Those are just some of the questions that we are going to answer in this article.

The mini Aussiedoodle — The best of both worlds! 

As we have already said, the Aussiedoodle is a cross between the Australian Shepherd and a Poodle. While these two breeds are different in many ways, there is also one thing that they have in common. Both of these breeds are working dogs. Yes, even Poodles are considered to be working dogs. That means that these canines need a lot of physical exercise but also mental stimulation. They love to stay as active as possible, and they are always looking for the best new thing to do. So make sure that you keep Your Aussiedoodle busy. 

Another thing that these dogs have in common is that both are highly intelligent. So it’s no surprise that the mini Aussiedoodle is intelligent too. But because they are such clever creatures, they have a tendency to become stubborn. However, don’t let that intimidate you. Because with the right training and socialization, these dogs are the most loving, affectionate, sweet, and friendly pets that you could ever wish for. But you have to take your responsibility as a dog owner seriously. Because even though these dogs are “mini”, they still need a strong leader who will guide them through life.

Mini Aussiedoodle dog with one brown and one blue eye

Source: Instagram (milo_drew21)

Are mini Aussiedoodles good family dogs? 

While this will depend on the type of family you have, the miniature Aussiedodle will be a great family dog for many different families. However, we wouldn’t suggest that someone with small children adopts an Aussiedoodle. Why? Simply because these dogs are a bit too gentle for that. While they are the hybrid between two working dogs, they are called mini for a reason. That means that they could easily get hurt during rough play. They could also try biting the kids if they are getting too close to their favorite products, like dog toys, or dog food. When it comes to other animals, if they are raised with other dogs or animals, most Aussiedoodles should be fine with company. However, make sure that they get their socialization on time.

Lastly, you have to be aware that these dogs will take a lot of your patience, time, love, and money. Just like any other Poodle mix, these hyper dogs can be considered high-maintenance. So make sure that you have the financial means that it takes before you get yourself one of these canines. You have to pay for dog food, grooming, dog insurance, health care, toys, beds, and so much more. The Poodle was for a long time the dog companion of Royals, and because this mix has the DNA of a miniature Poodle, they will only be satisfied with the best. 

Are mini Aussiedoodles hyper?

Well, they definitely can be considered energetic. As we have already said, the Aussiedoodle’s high level of energy can be explained by the fact that both of its parent breeds were once working dogs. Poodles were water dogs that helped hunters retrieve waterfowl, but Australian Shepherds were initially intended to herd livestock. 

The Aussiedoodle inherited many of these lively qualities, and they appear to have been amplified considerably! If given no outlet for their pent-up enthusiasm, miniature Aussiedoodles will find other methods to express themselves. And you most likely won’t enjoy the way in which they do it. To say the least. They might chew up your shoes or destroy your furniture. So make sure you give them as much activity as they need. 

That’s why we don’t consider this to be the right breed for people living busy lives in bustling cities. These dogs would work best for people working from home, who have the time and the energy to take their dogs outside and actually spend some quality time with them. They also work great in families with older children who know how to respectfully play with these gentle dogs.

How to manage their high energy levels?

The easiest way to deal with an Aussiedoodle’s hyper behavior is to give them plenty of time to play and use up their energy. A miniature Aussiedoodle shouldn’t spend the whole day locked up in the house, because they will probably try to find a way to let off steam. 

Giving them a few hours to play in the yard is a great way for them to get some exercise and wear themselves out. You can take an Aussiedoodle on a walk or to the park if you don’t have a yard big enough for it or if you’d rather be outside with it. 

Aussiedoodles are smart and can be trained because they come from two breeds of working dogs. You might even be able to teach them to help you with things around the house, like picking up laundry or other things that are lying around and helping you clean. 

Teaching a miniature Aussiedoodle how to behave and how to do tricks is a great way to keep their minds active and sharp and to keep them from finding other ways to keep their minds busy. So have some fun with the dog training. It’s also a great way for you and your dog to bond.

As long as you keep your Aussiedoodle both physically and mentally active and busy with good things, they can make great family pets and bring you a lot of happiness.

Mini Aussiedoodles as family dogs who are they for and who are they not for

Source: Instagram (@blessed.joey.aussiedoodle)

What to expect when getting an Aussiedoodle?

If you decide to get a miniature Aussiedoodle, one thing you should know right away is that it’s a pretty hard dog to take care of. Not demanding in the sense that you will have to spend a lot of money on this breed, but demanding in the sense that they need a lot of attention and time to get rid of their energy every day. 

Because they are so active, Aussiedoodles are not the kind of dogs who are happy to just hang out at home all day. They need to run around outside and get tired. It keeps them from being destructive, and it also keeps them healthy. And because they are smart, Aussiedoodles need to be mentally stimulated in the right way too. This can be done through training or games. Both their minds and bodies need daily activity.

Last but not least, Aussiedoodles love to hang out with their owners. As companion dogs, they love getting attention and being close to their owners. Even though they only really care about one or two people, they make great family dogs and get along well with people outside of the family and other dogs as well. 

We are not saying that this is the ideal dog for everyone, but generally, they could make wonderful pets. Give them enough time, attention, and space, and they will in return give you a lifetime of love, laughter, and cuddles.

Who should or shouldn’t get a miniature Aussiedoodle 

Now that you have learned so much about the miniature Aussiedoodle, you might be wondering who the right owner for one of these dogs would be. While these hypoallergenic dogs would be a great choice for many allergy sufferers, you shouldn’t forget that these are, some would say, hyper dogs.

By hyper dogs we mean that these canines have a lot of excess energy, and they will continue to be like that until they reach old age. While the fact that they stay puppies for so long is one of the great traits of the Aussiedoodle, the Aussiedoodles hyper tendencies could easily become too much for some people. 

To manage Aussiedoodles, you need to have a lot of patience. You also need to have enough time to properly exercise the miniature Poodle Australian Shepherd mix. If you don’t give them the activity they need, they will likely try to get in on their own. They might chew up your furniture, run around the house, or dig holes in your yard.

While it’s a widespread belief that Doodles make great apartment dogs, you have to remember that this is the offspring of two herding dogs. That means that they would thrive in a rural area. However, they would also be fine living in an apartment, as long as they get the exercise they need. Beneficial activities include long walks, hikes, playing fetch, or tug-of-war.

A mini Aussiedoodle enjoying his time outside

Source: Instagram (@lani_in_newyork)


In conclusion, would the miniature Aussiedoodle be the right dog for you? Well, we have to be completely honest. This is a question only you know the answer to. It takes a lot of patience to manage Aussiedoodles, because they are active dogs that need daily activity in the form of a long walk or play routine.

The Aussiedoodles hyper tendencies aren’t that surprising considering that this is the offspring of two active and intelligent breeds. That’s why spending time to give them the proper exercise is an absolute necessity. This isn’t the type of dog who would be content with spending the whole day inside, they need regular exercises. So make sure you don’t underestimate their high levels of energy. 

Another thing you have to be aware of is the intelligence Aussiedoodles have. This designer breed is a great dog, but due to their high intelligence, they could easily become stubborn. They like doing things in their own way, and such traits can become challenging if you don’t give them training on a daily basis.

The Aussiedoodles hyper tendencies will also be under control if you give them enough mental stimulation. Dog toys like puzzles can also be a great thing to help you out. This will give them some stimulation while they are doing their play routine. Are you the proud owner of a miniature Aussiedoodle? Let us know in the comments!

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