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Is The Mini Aussiedoodle Hypoallergenic?

Is The Mini Aussiedoodle Hypoallergenic?

Doodle dogs are one of the most popular crossbreeds out there, and it’s so easy to see why! First of all, these dogs have the cleverness and sharp intelligence of their Poodle parent. However, the other parent breed that goes into creating them, also adds a little bit of spice to that. The possibilities are endless, you have Goldendoodles, Maltipoos, Labradoodles… But another, equally cute, but maybe less known one is the Aussiedoodle. This is a cross between the Poodle and the Australian Shepherd. In most cases, the Australian Shepherd is crossed with a Miniature Poodle, creating a Mini Aussiedoodle. And while the Aussie does have many of the same benefits that other Doodles have, are they also low-shedding? In other words, are mini Aussiedoodles hypoallergenic? In this article, we will try to find out.

What are hypoallergenic dogs?

If you are a newbie to the canine world, you might not even know what a hypoallergenic dog is. In case you are a bit confused, a hypoallergenic dog is a dog that sheds very little to nothing at all. Poodles, as you probably already know, have a short and very curly coats. That’s why they almost don’t shed at all. Their coat produces less dander and therefore won’t trigger strong allergic reactions in people who are sensitive to dog hair. There are even hairless dog breeds out there, that could make amazing pets for all of those people who are sensitive to dog hair. 

However, there is a catch. No dog breed is 100% hypoallergenic. Not the Poodle, and therefore also not the mini Aussiedoodle. Why? Because not all dog allergies are triggered by dog hair. Dog allergies can also be triggered by other things, such as dog saliva or dog dandruff. That’s why you have to make certain what it is that you are allergic to. There is no reason to get a Doodle dog breed that sheds little if you want to avoid dog allergies, while the thing you are allergic to is your dog’s saliva. So make sure you talk to your doctor and determine what the best option for you is.

A mini Aussiedoodle enjoying his time outside

Source: Instagram (@lani_in_newyork)

Are mini Aussiedoodles hypoallergenic? 

In theory, yes, mini Aussiedoodles are hypoallergenic. However, as we have already explained, two plus two does not always equal four. If the allergen that triggers your histamine levels to rise is, in fact, dog hair, then the Aussiedoodle could be a great choice for you. If your Aussiedoodle inherits the coat of his Poodle parent, that virtually doesn’t shed at all, you should be more than fine with one of these dogs in your home. However, if the reason for your allergic reaction is something else, Aussiedoodles could still trigger sensitivity. 

There is another thing that you have to take into consideration. Not all Aussiedoodles will inherit the coat of their Poodle parent. Genes are a bit tricky and have a mind of their own. Yes, breeders purposely try to breed their puppies to end up with the desirable coats of a Poodle, however, sometimes nature will take over and the coat of your dog will be more similar to that of an Australian Shepherd. That will also depend on the generation of your puppy, and the way his parents look. Make sure you ask your breeder for more information about the coat of your future puppy. 

What every allergy sufferer has to know before adopting an Aussiedoodle 

The most important thing that you should remember is that no one can guarantee you that an Aussiedoodle won’t trigger any reactions in you even if they are considered hypoallergenic. Our bodies work in different ways, and some will be more sensitive than others. I know that I have said it already, but the best way to know if one breed will work for you and your allergies is to simply spend some time around dogs of that breed. While that isn’t always a possibility, it’s the easiest and most effective way to learn if your body will react to any of the allergens that this breed produces. 

It’s not only the hair and fur that trigger allergy reactions. While the non-shedding, low dander, low drool Aussiedoodle will work amazingly for most people, there is still a small possibility that this designer dog won’t work for you. That’s why you have to take some precautions. Imagine adopting one of these adorable dogs blindly, only to learn that you are, in fact, allergic. Imagine the heartbreak you and your dog would go through if you would have to put him up for adoption once again. So make sure that you know with certainty that the Aussiedoodle is the right dog for you before you make the decision to bring one of these puppies into your life.

A future dog owner wondering is the mini Aussiedoodle hypoallergenic?

Source: Instagram (blessed.joey.aussiedoodle)

How do I know if I’m allergic?

If you have severe dog allergies, you won’t feel the need to even ask this question. You will most definitely know it. Allergies manifest in different ways in different people. Some will sneeze, some will get watery eyes and have an itching nose, while others will get rashes on their skin. Some allergy sufferers will even have all of these symptoms. Dogs produce multiple allergens that can trigger sensitivities in people, including hair, saliva, dander, and urine.

Depending on what you are allergic to, you could show symptoms at different times. That’s why it’s so important to spend some time around the dog breed you are interested in to make sure that you really don’t show any symptoms. If you start to sneeze, wheeze, your nose runs, or your eyes water while being around a dog, the chances of you being a dog allergy sufferer are very high. However, you shouldn’t play doctor and self-diagnose. Instead, make sure that you talk to your actual doctor and actually do an allergy test if you can to know with certainty what it is that you are so sensitive to. 

Aussiedoodle coat grooming

Because most of these dogs have curly hair or a wavy coat, you can expect them to need much grooming. That includes daily brushing, regular trims, and occasional bathing. Their no-shedding, low dander, and low-odor coat still need some TLC. We would suggest brushing the hair of your pup at least a couple of times a week. That will prevent tangles and make their coat shiny and healthy. When it comes to the trims, you can try and do it on your own, but that will be a bit risky, especially if you have no experience. So you will probably have to take him to the groomer 3-4 times a year. When it comes to bathing, these dogs are generally clean and don’t have a bad smell. So bathe them only when needed.

But grooming doesn’t end with the coat! You have to remember that it takes so much more to care for a dog than just giving them a bath and brushing their coat. You also have to take for their teeth, coat, claws, and ears. When it comes to teeth, you have to brush your dog’s teeth on a regular basis. While daily would be ideal, at least two to three times a day will be fine. When it comes to the ears, you should clean them whenever you give your dog a bath. That will soften the debris in their ears, and you will be able to clean them without any issues at all. Their nails are a bit more sensitive. If you have no experience with cutting dog nails at all, we would suggest asking a professional dog groomer to help you out.

Mini Aussiedoodle dog with one brown and one blue eye

Source: Instagram (milo_drew21)

Do Aussiedoodles make good pets?

Yes, they absolutely do! Aussiedoodles are intelligent dogs who get attached to their owners. But not in a clingy or needy way, Aussiedoodles simply form such strong bonds with their family members that it’s difficult for them to be on their own. All Doodle dogs are known for being social, and Aussiedoodles are no different. If you decide to get one of these dogs, you will be blessed with a clever dog who will offer you his lifelong loyalty and companionship. Because they are the offspring of two working breeds, they also enjoy being active. So the two of you can enjoy lots of long walks together in the future. And don’t let their small size fool you, these fluffy dogs also enjoy getting some real exercise. 

However, you also have to understand that being a dog owner is a huge responsibility. And the Aussiedoodle certainly won’t be the ideal pet for everyone. We will talk more about that later on in the article, however, you have to understand that these dogs aren’t, in any way, low-maintenance. In addition to that, due to their high intelligence, they also have a tendency to become a bit stubborn. Therefore, if you have no experience in dog training at all, it could get a bit overwhelming. But that shouldn’t be a dealbreaker. Training is a bit tricky for most dog owners, but thankfully, there are plenty of professional dog trainers out there that can help us out when needed. 

Who should get an Aussiedoodle?

While the Aussie Poodle is without a doubt an amazing dog, he won’t be right for everyone. While most allergy sufferers will appreciate the low dander coat of the miniature Aussiedoodle, you have to understand that these dogs have a lot of different needs. This highly intelligent dog breed needs a lot of mental stimulation, a healthy diet, and plenty of attention, and due to their high energy levels, they also need much exercise. But the good news is that they will give you plenty of love in return. Mini Aussiepoos are even great with kids. However, if you have very small kids at home, you have to be careful. Young children could easily hurt your gentle Aussiepoo puppy with rough play. 

If you are able to fulfill the emotional, mental, and physical needs of these Poodle crosses, then there shouldn’t be anything standing in your way of getting a mini Aussipoo. This designer mix will easily win you over with his good behavior, their heart of gold, and brilliant mind. But you always have to make sure to get your puppy from a responsible breeder. Because mini Aussipoos and similar dog breeds are so popular in the United States, there are a lot of scammers out there. These breeders don’t test their puppies for the most common health issues of this breed, like hip dysplasia and glaucoma. Even though reputable breeders are more expensive, the extra couple of dollars will be well worth it in the end.

Conclusion: Is the mini Aussiedoodle hypoallergenic? 

In conclusion, yes, the mini Aussiedoodle can be considered hypoallergenic. But as we have already explained, no dog is completely hypoallergenic. There are still ways in which our dogs could trigger an allergic reaction in us that doesn’t involve their hair or even drool. So what would we recommend? It’s pretty simple and straightforward. If you have the option, try to always spend some time around puppies of the breed that you are looking into. That will help you get an idea of the dogs will trigger any sensitivity in you. You can even ask your breeder to spend some time around his puppies, and see how your body will react. Every reputable breeder should be more than fine with that. That’s also a great way to meet the puppies in the litter and see which one may work best with your temperament. 

We know that it seems unfair that you can’t get certain dog breeds because of dog allergies, that you did not choose to have. However, that’s just how our bodies work. But thankfully, Poodle mixes will work for most people. In addition to that, Aussiedoodles are pretty amazing as well. They combine the work ethic, loyalty, and bravery of an Australian Shepherd, with the sharp intelligence and elegance of a Poodle. So you get the best of both worlds! So if your histamine receptors can tolerate these adorable puppies, and you are able to provide them with an amazing life, then this breed could be right for you!

My name is Katy and I am 27. I love to travel and you would be surprised how good I am at karaoke. 🙂 Passionate dog lover and a "mother" to a beautiful toy puddle named Zara. I work as a volunteer in a local shelter and I am a veterinary assistant helping our four-legged friends every day.