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  • dog house bed

    Dog house bed: A cozy hiding place for your pooch

    Just like people can be introverts or extroverts, the same goes for dogs too. There are dogs that don’t like to interact too much with other people and pets. Those dogs need a hiding place, somewhere they can be alone and recharge. Of course, a crate can be a great hideout. But, if you’re not […] More

  • Hermes dog bed

    Hermes dog bed: Is it worth it?

    Hermes is a super expensive luxury brand. They sell clothes and bags to the rich and famous. You probably already knew that. But did you know that you can even buy a Hermes dog bed? Yes, you read that right. Hermes offers luxury beds for our beloved canines. But are these beds even worth buying? […] More

  • dog teepee bed

    Dog teepee bed: DIY project for the weekend

    Ordinary dog beds or simple Amazon dog beds sometimes look boring in your living room. Especially if you have a thing for home decor and put a lot of effort into making your space as pretty as possible. A dog teepee bed can be a great option in that situation. Or if you just want […] More

  • light up dog collar

    Light up dog collar: Keep your pup safe

    Have you ever seen a dog wear a light up dog collar? Chances are, you probably have. But have you ever thought about why they are useful and why you should get one for your pooch? Well, if you’ve been researching LED dog collars this is your sign to get one! These dog collars are […] More

  • princess dog bed

    Princess dog bed: Only the best for your little girl

    Getting a dog bed is basically a no-brainer, you might get an ordinary one from Amazon, or maybe one from Kirkland. But have you ever thought about getting a princess dog bed for your canine? If not, I’m asking you why not? Don’t you want your little pooch to feel bougie and, well, like a […] More

  • dog in order to talk about antinol for dogs

    Antinol for dogs: Everything you should know

    Antinol for dogs is an all-natural anti-inflammatory medication for improving your dog’s joint and mobility support. Besides this, it’s also used for skin and coat conditions and is a preventative measure if you want to be proactive about your beloved dog’s health. But what is Antinol even made of and are there any risks in […] More

  • Dog vomiting on the floor while his owner wonders about dog vomit color guide

    Dog Vomit Color Guide And Advice

    Is your dog vomiting and you are unsure as to what to do? Vomiting can be caused by different triggers, in either your dog’s diet, health or the environment. Different triggers can upset your dog’s stomach and cause him to vomit in different colors or textures. We prepared a dog vomit color guide to help […] More

  • Funny looking dog with red mullet hairstyle

    Dog Mullet: The Hilarious Hair Trend

    Joe Exotic isn’t the only one who can rock a mullet in 2021! In case you didn’t know, in 2020 the dog mullet became incredibly popular, and the trend hasn’t died down even one year later. The eighties are back, and it undoubtedly seems that the iconic mullet looks way better on dogs than it […] More

  • A fancy bulldog wearing an incredibly expensive Gucci dog collar

    Gucci Dog Collar: Is It Worth It?

    Buying luxury designer clothing and accessories accessories seems to be more and more normalized in today’s day and age. Many people like to splurge on items from their favorite designer brands. Some people see it as a collector’s item, some as an occasional treat, while others as a status symbol. Different luxury brands enjoy the […] More

  • garfield and garfields dog

    Garfields dog: What breed was Odie actually?

    Who here hasn’t watched Garfield at some point in their life (most likely in childhood). It’s safe to say that all of us have watched at least one episode of the cartoon that features a big, lazy cat named Garfield. We’ve all probably also wondered about Garfields dog Odie and which breed he is. ALSO […] More

  • sad dog because of dog spay incision lump

    Dog spay incision lump: What it is and what to do

    Having your dog spayed or neutered is a stressful experience, not only for your canine but for you too. However, finding a lump on the cut after spaying is even more stressful. But, don’t panic. The dog spay incision lump you can see and feel on your dog’s stomach is actually a seroma and it’s […] More

  • picture of a dog chain on a dog

    Dog chain: Why you should never use one

    A dog chain or dog chain collar on dogs that are usually kept outside seems completely normal. Many people don’t think of it as a malicious act. After all, it’s only for the dog’s safety and to prevent them from running away, right? Well, in theory, that is the case. However, it can actually be […] More

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