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7 Healthy Tips To Increase German Shepherd Life Expectancy

7 Healthy Tips To Increase German Shepherd Life Expectancy

A German Shepard is a reasonably large dog breed with fascinating character traits. They are great intelligent companions for human beings, and they can get the vibe you exude. There are many things or rather conditions that help increase the lifespan of your German Shepherd. These include proper care and love. 

Actually, any shepherd breeds are hardy, but that doesn’t mean you can let go of your caring routines for the dog. As a pet owner, you should be aware that there is nothing impossible about trying. Let your four-legged friends have a lovely time full of happiness and agility. 

What are the Things That Pet Parents Can Do

All things that are yet to be discussed are common, but their techniques might be different. Following up with the same routine might be monotonous, but you can always spice up the order by doing something interesting. How? Let us explain in the following.

  • Exercise for the dogs

This comes with a lot of baggage, but there is no alternative. Physical activities are mandatory on a regular basis. You can’t skip this; you can’t let your dog spend a day without some activities. Exceptions might be there, suppose if it is not feeling well or sad about any particular incident. 

Otherwise, you should always make it a  point where the dog will look forward to doing something fruitful. If that gets boring after a few days, introduce the dog to new types of activities, like including its favorite toys and some running and walking activities with yourself. 

Fetching is a common thing for all dogs, but how about letting it fetch something that it loves, like a cushion or some toys? It could be its favorite food, something on the dry side so that it can learn to control its taste buds. It will fetch it but not consume it unless you tell it to. This way, it will be trained to control its desires, and that is an excellent thing. 

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  • Adequate food consumption 

Food is the only source that can ensure all the required portions of nutrition that your German Shepherd wants. However, not all dogs need the same amount of calories; you have to consider their age, weight, and dietary needs. If the dog is allergic to something, then you shouldn’t provide that at any cost. Not only this, protein, fat, and other ingredients are to be given in moderation. 


  • Neuter 

This is quite a proven fact where domesticated German shepherds have been shown to live longer after they go through the neuter process. The case is even more effective in female German shepherds than the male ones. So if you have one for your home, then this is a must process. Don’t hesitate; just talk to the vet and make an appointment for the procedure. You don’t need to feel bad for it because whatever you are initiating, it is just for the sake of a healthy and long lifespan. 

If you want to know how it helps the dogs, then our answer is that it saves the dog from testicular and prostate cancer. The only piece of advice would be to wait for the right time before you take the dog for this procedure. It needs to reach a certain age where it can withstand the event. Premature neutering can be fatal at times, so it is best to wait at least 14-15 months. For females, neutering within the first 5 months is suggested.

  • Hygiene maintenance 

Dogs that grow up in a home have compromised immunity more than the wild ones. But the healthy atmosphere of a home always has some basic bathing, cleaning, and brushing regime. Those are important to follow on a regular basis. Otherwise, the dog can have a germ or bacteria infection. This will curtail the lifespan or the quality of health if left unattended. 

  • Check-up 

A regular check-up is recommended because that is how you can prevent many diseases. Early detection gives less headache and pain to your dog. Based on the age group of your dogs, you can take them to your favored vet, who can guide you thoroughly. While consulting with a vet, you should highlight all the unnatural things that you have noticed in your dog or any behavioral changes. 

Final Words

Even experienced pet parents often get confused, and new pet parents get overwhelmed and obsessed when it comes to taking proper care of their German Shepherd. It is better to believe in the vets and use your own head. There is nothing too surprising, just common sense, and that will be enough for the graceful German shepherds. One thing that you need to understand is that there is nothing above and beyond love.


My name is James. A passionate veterinarian who is dedicated to providing the best care for all animals. With a gentle touch and a kind heart, I have earned a reputation as a trusted and respected member of the animal healthcare community.


Monday 29th of August 2022

Lmao wow so insightful. So basic animal care. Got it.

James Kirkland

Tuesday 30th of August 2022

Thank you Andy.


Sunday 28th of August 2022

It is Absolutely Wrong to spay any breed at 5 months!!! Check out recommendations from UC davis(top vet univ.). Large and giant breed females should go through 2 heats. Male GSD's minimum neutral age is now 2 yrs This delays arthritis and makes il less severe. There's other advantages also. Owners need to do their own research and not rely on their vets alone.

James Kirkland

Tuesday 30th of August 2022

Hi Scott,

Thank you for the comment. That is true but these are vet's advice and surely there are some examples when it is not applicable.

Supriyo Sadhukhan

Wednesday 17th of August 2022

Hi I am 1st time dog owner I purchased a gsd puppy age 75days Can you guide me for the puppy

James Kirkland

Tuesday 30th of August 2022


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