All Black German Shepherd: Why They Are Special

The All Black German Shepherd is a unique and stunning dog

The all black German Shepherd Dog is a beautiful color variant of the Standard German Shepherd Dog. This color deviation occurs naturally and therefore fits into the breed standard.

These dogs are very similar to the standard shepherd in most aspects, with the exception of some factors that we will talk about in this article.

These dogs are loyal, intelligent, loving, fearless companions who protect you and your family with their lives.

The black coloration is the result of a genetic mutation. Just like how many rare color deviations occur in dogs.

It can happen randomly when two standard shepherds breed – it is determined by a recessionary gene that may not appear in parents. When two black shepherds breed, the puppies always have the black color, as both have the recessive gene.

This version of the dog often has a straight back that is much healthier, as German shepherd dogs are predisposed to hip dysplasia.


All black German Shepherd dogs are usually 1 to 2 inches larger than the standard variety, but should remain in proportion. In general, they should be about 22 to 26 inches in size, with the males often slightly larger than the females.

They have a fairly large weight range between 50 and 90 pounds. Here, too, women are often at the bottom of the scales.


What distinguishes these dogs is their beautiful fur color of pure black.

Real all black German shepherd dogs are born black as puppies and never change. Some puppies can be born black and their fur can get tan later in life.

If you buy a puppy from a breeder where both parents are not black, you may want to wait until the puppy is 10 weeks old to ensure that his fur does not change.

All black German Shepherd personality

This is above all a self-confident, fearlessly loyal dog who only wants to be with you and protect you.

These amazing dogs were used for pretty much everything. Many people simply have them as companion animals and are characterized by them. Due to their quiet nature and easy training ability, they are also ideal as assistance dogs for the disabled. Thanks to their built-in urge to protect, they are brilliant guard dogs.

Don’t expect these dogs to be just work, but not a game. These dogs can be the perfect play companion for older children and adults.

High energy and intelligence make these dogs very easy to train, but also means that you can spend a lot of time employing your big brain.

They can easily get bored if they don’t have the opportunity to use their energy or mind.

An all black german Shepherd dog enjoying time in nature

Fear of separation can also be a problem for them, as their main desire in life is to be with you.

If they have nothing to do for a long time, they can be stressed and develop destructive habits and barking.

Due to their protective nature, they can sometimes be careful with strangers, so it is important to introduce them to many people when they are a puppy.

These canines are very friendly dogs, but they are not overly desperate to make friends. If you are thinking of adopting Black German Shepherd, you should be slow when you meet new people so that you do not burden them.

They are generally good with other dogs and animals, but here, too, socialization at a young age is the key to a dog-friendly puppy.

Is an all black German shepherd a good family dog?

Yes, they are an excellent family dog.

They love to be in their family and will protect them with their lives.

You can be sure that your children are safe at home with this amazing dog. In order to teach them the right behavior towards children, they must be socialized at a young age. It is also always a good idea to teach your children the right behavior towards dogs.

How to train an all black German Shepherd

Positive reinforcement is the best approach to training with every dog. This means rewarding the right behavior with treats, toys and positive rewards.

The all black German Shepherd is a wonderful dog to train – they are intelligent, attentive and excited to learn new things.

Socialization is a very important part of the training of a young dog. In this race, socialization with many people and environments should be your main focus.

You should introduce them to everyone, including children and everything else, other dogs and animals. This will help them not to be excessively careful with people with age. If you want to use your German shepherd as a herding dog, it is important that he has contact with larger farm animals.

A lot of mental stimulation is required to keep your dog busy. Training sessions are great for this, but sometimes your dog has to deal with for a while. Interactive feeders and puzzle toys will be your best friend here.


As beautiful as the black fur of these dogs is, they still shed like a normal shepherd.

The double coat means that they shed all the time, but above all, during the shed season. The shed season is spring and autumn. Then the old hair falls out to make room for new growth. During these seasons, you can expect to vacuum constantly.

If your dog has a medium-length coat, it should be enough to brush it twice a week for his fur to look healthy. If the coat is longer, you may want to brush more often to avoid matting.

It is a good idea to have your dog professionally cared for 2-3 times a year, especially during this shed season.

Feeding and nutrition

Puppies are often fed 3 to 4 small meals a day, as this prevents inflating in their smaller stomachs. They also have a higher calorie intake than adult dogs when they grow.

The diet you give your all black German Shepherd changes depending on age.

Once your dog is 9 months old, he can take 2 meals a day and after one year he can switch to adult food.

In general, dogs receive a mixture of high-quality dry and wet food. As an adult, your dog needs about 20 calories per pound. The most important part of his diet is protein and this should make up 25% of their diet.

A black GSD running around outside

Known health problems

The big health problem known to affect German shepherd dogs is hip and elbow dysplasia. Black German shepherd dogs often have a more straight back than the standard GSD. This reduces the risk of hip dysplasia, but they are still very susceptible.

The average lifespan of an all black German Shepherd dog is about 9 to 13 years old – this is a great age for a larger breed of dog.

How much does an all black German shepherd dog cost?

A black German shepherd dog costs you more than a normal German shepherd dog, as it is a rarer color variant. This is common with many breeds.

You can expect to pay about 700 to 2000 USD per puppy. We would not recommend buying puppies that are cheaper, as they may have health issues.

Other color variations of the German Shepherd dog:

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