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Short haired German Shepherd: The Classic GSD

Short haired German Shepherd: The Classic GSD

The short haired German shepherd is the classic GSD. These are the dogs you see when working with the army, the police or hatching. Long haired German shepherd dogs are a bit more rare. They aren’t recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) and their long coat is considered abnormal.

Before we talk about the short haired German Shepherd, let’s first see how these two variations compare.


  • These dogs are loyal, protective, energetic, intelligent and sporty.
  • They will grow to similar sizes, with the males of both varieties larger than the females.
  • Both dogs need the same amount of exercise (about two hours a day).
  • Separation anxiety is a problem that is widespread in both types of GS.
  • Both have the protective and possessive nature – this becomes particularly clear when they take care of their family.
  • Both are susceptible to the same health conditions: hip dysplasia and heart disease.
  • As long as you buy both from responsible breeders who use healthy dogs for breeding, they should have a similar lifespan.


  • Short-haired fur is only about one centimeter tall, but the long-haired German shepherd coat can reach a length of two inches or more.
  • The short-haired German shepherd has a double coat consisting of an outer coat and an undercoat. While the long-haired have only one layer on their fur.
  • Thanks to its double coat, which protects her from the cold and is waterproof, the short-haired
  • German Shepherd is better suited for outdoor work and for work in general.
  • Due to her ability to work, the short-haired 6. German Shepherd behaves rather distantly from strangers.
  • The long-haired German shepherd is not recognized by the AKC because his fur is considered a mistake according to the breed standard.

Short haired German Shepherd Breed Info

The German Shepherd was originally bred in Germany to look after sheep. The breed was refined by Captain Max Von Stephanitz to be the breed we know and love today.

They are known for their film roles such as Rin Tin Tin and Strongheart. It was such phenomena that helped to bring the race back into favor after the First World War.


These dogs are loyal to the end. They form extremely strong ties with their family members and would protect them with their lives. This devotion sometimes leads to a distant nature with strangers. You don’t make new friends quickly, but with a lot of socialization, this behavioral feature can be reduced.

They are high-energy dogs and need at least two hours of exercise every day.

This puppy loves to take walks, hikes, runs, bike tours, swimming and any activity with you. You call it and a GSD probably did it. Since her fur has this double layer, the short-haired German shepherd is much better suited for colder, wetter weather.

It is important to care for a short haired German shepherd dog. Their double coat sheds like crazy!

If you brush them two to three times a week, you can remove some of the loose hair, but you will still find fur everywhere. During the shed season. (spring and autumn), they will have a big blowout and lose a ton of fur. During this season, you have to brush them every day.

This puppy loves to take walks, hikes, runs, bike tours, swimming and any activity with you.
This puppy loves to take walks, hikes, runs, bike tours, swimming and any activity with you.


This is a sporty dog. They should stand between 22 and 26 inches tall at the withers and weigh between 50 and 90 pounds. Men are generally taller than women and have a pronounced male appearance. They have a long muzzle and ears that point forward and stand upright.

Their back should be straight, the slope we have seen in recent years is incredibly bad for the dog’s health.

They have a double coat. The outer layer should be tight and close to the body. It is preferred to be straight, but a light wave is allowed in the breed standard. The undercoat should be thick and woolly – the undercoat offers weather protection.

The fur colors are usually black, black and brown, red and black, sable and gray. Breeders prefer the darker, richer colors and many light colors are not accepted by the breed standard.


Short haired German shepherd dogs are appreciated for their character and temperament. They are an all-rounder who can do almost any task you have set them. That’s why they have distinguished themselves as working dogs in many areas, including the police and the military.

This dog is very faithful and protective – they will take care of their family and are always vigilant. They can sometimes be a little too possessive and this can lead to them being distanced from strangers.

Short hair GSD tends to have a single-lane mind, and that’s why they are as effective as working dogs.

When training a German shepherd dog, you should always use positive reinforcement methods. These are incredibly intelligent dogs that you want to like. If you reward them with treats and praise, if they do what you demand, you will achieve better results than they do not reward or punish.

One thing they are struggling with is separation anxiety. Their excessive devotion can cause them to be afraid when you are not nearby. They will bark and chew furniture. It also doesn’t do them any good if they stay behind because they get bored quickly – these dogs need a job, even if it’s just a puzzle toy.


A short haired German shepherd costs between 500 and 1,500 US dollars. The better the dog’s pedigree, the more expensive the puppy becomes.

Unfortunately, many German shepherd dogs end up in emergency shelter. Adoption prices range from free to $250.

Life expectancy

A healthy German shepherd should live between the ages of 10 and 13. Health concerns that you should consider are hip dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy, heart disease and eye diseases. A good breeder should have the entire history of his dog’s health problems as well as clear eye tests and hip values.

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