Sarabi Dog: Everything You Have To Know

The Sarabi dog is one of the largest dog breeds out there

Have you ever heard of the Sarabi dog breed? If not, then maybe of the Persian Mastiff, Iranian Shepherd, and Iranian Mastiff? All of these names are for one dog. So let you know at the beginning, this is a large and bulky dog that is said to hail from Iran. More specifically, East Azerbaijan, which is located in the northern parts of Iran.

As we mentioned above, the breed originated in Iran, and the countries that contain the largest number of this breed are the USA, China, then Russia. Because of their history as a guardian, usually, they’re most typically used to guard property, while at the same time remaining a popular family pet (however, it’s not a wise choice for first-time owners).

Sarabi Dog Size and Weight

If you didn’t know, the Sarabi Dog is a Mastiff, which immediately means “big dog” to most people when they hear it. Also, this breed is no exception. However, they come from a line of ancient Molossus dogs, that were esteemed for their ferociousness and size in those days.

Now, let’s look at the numbers. On average, the Sarabi can measure between 28 to a whopping 35 inches at the shoulder. The weight of the dog will correspond with its height, varying between 120 to around 200 pounds.


We mentioned earlier that they are know as dogs which are really good in protecting the property. Besides that, Sarabi dogs are quick to figure things out for themselves, very intelligent, as well as independent. Be sure that this is a breed that is incredibly loving toward its family, and fiercely loyal. If you’re part of the family, then you’ll have a friend for life.

However, if you’re not part of the family, the breed can behave aloof and will not tolerate whatever it perceives as a threat. Also, they have a strong prey drive, making smaller pets a bad idea to share the home with.

Sarabi Dog Lifespan

As far as large breeds go, the Sarabi is among the longest-lived. On average, this breed can live up to between 12 to 15 years. You should know that the most large breeds max out around 13 years or so under normal circumstances, as their size takes its toll.

Looking at the statistics, studies have shown that larger dogs age much faster than their smaller counterparts, leaving them with a shorter lifespan than smaller breeds. Mastiffs in particular typically don’t live longer than eight years.

To sum up, the Sarabi breed lives nearly twice as long as the average Mastiff.

Final Thoughts

Whichever name you’d like to call it from the beginning of this article; Sarabi, Persian Mastiff, Iranian Mastiff, or Iranian Shepherd, this is a breed with a long history of working alongside mankind. This breed has been either fighting alongside its masters or protecting the flock for centuries and hopefully will be doing so for many years to come.

But as it stands today, the breed is becoming rather rare by worldwide standards, and unless there’s a concentrated effort to make people more cognizant of their existence, their numbers will continue to decline, which would be a shame.

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