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Cane Corso price: What does this breed cost

Cane Corso price: What does this breed cost

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The Cane Corso is on the list of potentially dangerous dogs in many countries. That’s because they are considered fighting dogs. And, we must agree, even the calm, even-tempered Cane Corso can be dangerous just because of its size and strength if it is raised incorrectly. But, the emphasis is on “raised incorrectly”. Now, these dogs aren’t only considered dangerous, but they are also very expensive and seen like a breed only the rich can afford. But, let’s be honest, the prices of all purebred dogs have skyrocketed, so all dogs are expensive nowadays! What is the true Cane Corso price?

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In this article, we’ll see how much money you really have to pay if you want to get a Cane Corso puppy! And, we’ll also tell you a bit about this breed.

Cane Corso price – Breed overview

The Cane Corso is a very large dog. This majestic breed has an overall body length of roughly 41.5-55 inches, standing height of 32.5-43 inches. But despite being so large, these dogs have a thin and lean build. Males weigh between 99 and 110 pounds, while females weigh 85 to 99 pounds.

A Cane Corso may seem threatening due to his size and muscular build, but he is anything but that. He is calm and balanced, with stoic serenity and a high stimulus threshold, always friendly and affectionate to his people and their families. He also gets along great with children and likes to play. He even gets along well with the cat in the house if he has known her from puppyhood.

Cane Corso – a mighty dog for mighty owners

But you must not confuse his calm manner with laziness. He cannot deny his past as a working dog. He is a very active dog who wants to do a lot, is intelligent, docile, and loyal to his humans. As a rule, he follows its instructions. But also remember, he is also very self-confident, tends to dominate and if you do not act confidently and consistently. The truth is the Cane Corso will want to take over the regiment.

As a watchdog, he is very territorial and will defend his territory and the people he loves above all if need be. He is very sensitive and can feel very precisely when a situation is really dangerous. Towards strangers, regardless of whether they are humans or animals, they tend to be cautious or even dismissive.

What do I need to pay attention to when getting this breed?

First, to answer the question of how much a Cane Corso costs. Well, there is no right answer to what the right Cane Corso price is. If you want a Cane Corso puppy, or any breed of dog for that matter, you should get it from a high-quality breeder. Obviously, reputable breeders will charge you more for a puppy.

So, the average Cane Corso price is anywhere between $1000 and $4000. The Cane Corso price depends on the area you live in, if there is only one Cane Corso breeder in your are, then he can put any price he wants. The puppies parents, the color of the puppy and so on. If you want a certain coloration or bloodline, it may even be higher. For example if you want a Blue Cane Corso puppy it could easily cost more than the average $4000.

When people read that a puppy costs between $1000 and $4000 dollars is that they think that’s all they will have to pay. But that’s not true, obviously. You will have to pay for vet visits, vaccinations, deworming and so on. So you’re looking at an additional cost of around $200.

Also, keep in mind that anything below those $1000 should make you suspicious and you shouldn’t accept the offer. Because no breeder can afford to sell his dogs at a bargain price. These cheap prices come at the expense of the animals.

Reputable breeder

Cane Corsos are prone to hereditary diseases, and a reputable breeder will make sure he is selling you a healthy puppy that has been tested and cleared for hereditary health problems.

But how do you find a reputable breeder? You can do this through a breed association, the American Kennel Club or ask people who already have a healthy Cane Corso where they got them.

You can also recognize an honest breeder by the fact that he gives you the opportunity to visit him and get to know the little puppy’s parents and siblings. He will be at your disposal for all questions, not only when making a purchase, but also beyond. Do not be surprised that the breeder asks you questions about your life situation.

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