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Are Micro Bullies Aggressive?

Are Micro Bullies Aggressive?

We have already talked multiple times about Micro Bullies. We explained what makes them so unique, how much a Micro Bully is worth, and what 2 breeds it takes to make a Micro Bully in the first place. But in this article, we will talk all about their personality and temperament because there seems to be a misconception about it online. Many people wonder: Are Micro Bullies aggressive? 

The truth is that Micro Bullies, or Bully breeds in general, make great family dogs. With the proper training and socialization, they make good friendly dogs. But they still have a reputation as a dangerous breed. But the Mini American Bully has little control over that, as this reputation was formed long before he was even around. So let’s clear up all the questions that you as a potential dog owner may have. 

Are Bullies aggressive dogs?

American Bulldogs are often considered to be an aggressive breed by nature. But that isn’t the case at all. This belief comes from the fact that they used to fight other dogs. Similar to Pitbulls, they were trained to show those aggressive traits on purpose. But they are actually one of the sweetest and most loving dog breeds out there. Most American Bullys today live in warm homes and cuddle up with their owners on the couch instead of getting into trouble. The Pocket Bully is the same way. They just don’t like to cause trouble. 

The UKC’s breed standards say that it is very unusual for a Pocket Bully to act aggressively. The only reason these dogs were created was to be petted and cuddled. But any kind of dog can be dangerous if it hasn’t been trained or socialized well. In these situations, a Pocket Bully that hasn’t been trained well, hasn’t been socialized well, or may have been mistreated can be dangerous. But this isn’t a characteristic of the breed; it’s a result of bad ownership. 

Still, because of how strong they are, Pocket Bullies can be more dangerous than, say, a Beagle. Just based on how strong they are, and nothing about how they act. Animals can be more dangerous because of their strength, but that doesn’t mean they want to or going to hurt anyone. Pocket Bullies are mostly gentle dogs. When they learn how to get along with other people from a young age and have good manners taught to them by a strong leader, they won’t be causing any issues at all.

A very short dog sitting on the ground

Source: Instagram (@thebullyvenue2)

Do Micro Bullies have problems?

Some people will try to talk you out of getting a Micro Bully saying that there are so many problems associated with this breed. But that isn’t the case at all! Well, at least for top-quality puppies. Most of them will live a long and healthy life and will make amazing family dogs. But just like with any other dog breed, there are some potential problems that could possibly come up. However, none of them are exclusive to only this breed. 

The most concerning ones are associated with poor breeding. There are many breeders out there who are in the business only for the wrong reasons. They don’t have the dog’s best interest at heart, and all that they are looking for is money. That’s why they won’t check if the parents of your puppy are healthy, and you could end up with a sick dog that doesn’t live long at all. 

Other potential problems are linked to the fact that these dogs often end up in the wrong hands. They are trained on purpose to be aggressive, which is what formed their bad reputation. It takes an experienced dog owner to know how to handle such a strong and muscular breed. Don’t let the “micro” part of their name fool you. These are still medium-sized dogs that have a lot of power. 

Do Bullies bite?

No, they don’t. Can they bite? Yes, just like every other breed. Is their bite more dangerous? Actually yes, because they have such strong and powerful jaws. But a well-trained and properly socialized Bully (and we mean any Bully, not just Micro Bullies) shouldn’t ever bite anyone for no reason. But as we previously have said, these dogs often end up in the wrong hands. Some people want to have aggressive and dangerous dogs by their side and they train them to be that way on purpose. Combined with their strong jaws, this is just a recipe for disaster. 

Are they hard to train?

American Bulldogs, and Pocket Bullies as well, are highly intelligent dogs that love to please their owners. So training them shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Make sure you use positive reinforcement methods while training. Give them lots of treats, verbal praise, and cuddles. However, because of their strength, it could be a bit challenging for first-time dog owners to train them. 

If you have trouble with training your dog, don’t be afraid to seek out the help of a professional dog trainer. But if you don’t want to pay the high price of one on one training, enrolling your dog in puppy school will be a great option as well. He won’t only learn the basic commands, but it’s also a great way to socialize your dog from an early age. And we can’t stress it enough how important that is for any dog, but especially Bully breeds. 

But even without puppy school, you have to start introducing your dog to other animals, people, sounds, and places as soon as possible. He will feel comfortable in different social situations, and you will be even able to walk him off-leash. A dog park is a great place for your dog to meet other pups, and you can socialize with other dog owners as well.

A tan dog in the park on the grass while his owner wonders Are Micro Bullies Aggressive

Source: Instagram (@south_cakk_kennels)

Are Micro Bullies good pets?

Well-trained and socialized Micro Bullies would make amazing pets! They are gentle, patient, and very forgiving around kids. They have a smaller body size than a regular American Bulldog, so accidents are less likely to happen as well. But you have to introduce kids to your dog one step at a time. Take things slow in order to prevent any unwanted scenarios. And even if you have the most affectionate dog, you still shouldn’t let him unsupervised with small children. Injuries could happen on both parts. 

But all of that aside, a Micro Pocket Bully could make a wonderful addition to your family. If this is your first Pocket Bully, maybe go for a slightly older quality puppy that already received some training. This will make things much easier for you when you bring your puppy home. He will probably already be potty trained and socialized. That will make it easier to introduce him to your other potential pets as well. 

Be warned that this dog breed is only for active people. Even though they are smaller in height than their American Bulldog parent, these dogs still need a lot of exercise. So if you don’t have enough time to give your pup at least one hour of exercise a day, then definitely keep looking for a different breed. But on a more positive note, grooming the Micro Bully won’t take much time or effort at all, because of their short coat. 

How long does a Micro Bully live? 

A Micro Bully is known for its excellent health and muscular physique, so it’s no surprise that these dogs live pretty long too. The average life expectancy is somewhere between 11 and 13 years, however, some can live even longer. However, this is only true for puppies that were bred by a reputable breeder. There are numerous Micro Bully puppies brought up by questionable breeding practices that lived as short as 5 years. 

But as healthy as most of these dogs are, they are still prone to certain health issues. The most common ones are hip dysplasia, cleft palate, cerebellar abiotrophy, progressive retinal atrophy, heart problems, skin diseases, eye problems, back pain, and breathing problems because of its short muzzle. 

Most of these conditions are hereditary, which again shows how important it is to buy your puppy from a reputable breeder. The Micro Pocket Bully is popular all over the United States right now, so it’s no surprise that there are many backyard breeders out there who are just looking for some quick cash grab. The best American Bully breeders will always make sure that they have done all of the needed health scans and tests. So don’t be afraid to ask for the papers to prove it when you are buying a puppy. Sure, the price will be higher, but you will have your dog longer by your side. 

Conclusion: Are Micro Bullies Aggressive? 

In conclusion, no Bully breed is aggressive by nature. It’s how we train them and if we give them early socialization. Most Micro Bullies are loving dogs, family companions, and excellent pets. Pocket American Bullies get along with children, and they absolutely shouldn’t bite, attack, or show any type of aggressive behavior for no reason. However, as we already explained, you have to use the right positive reinforcement training technique and socialize them from a young age. 

The bad reputation that these dogs have comes from a history of sketchy breeders who wanted to raise these puppies to become fighting dogs. Today, Pocket American Bullies are true family dogs. However, before you buy one of these puppies, the best decision would be to also meet its parents. See how they are acting and if they are showing any type of aggression. That will give you a general idea of what the inherited temperament of your puppy could be like. However, even if their parents are aggressive, it isn’t set in stone that your puppy has to be as well. 

Quality puppies should grow up to become gentle dogs and loving cuddle companions. These canine pets need, however, an experienced dog owner who knows how to meet all of their needs. But if you really want a Micro Bully for yourself, and you have no experience in training Bully dogs, you still have the option of hiring a professional dog trainer to help you out. Or you could also consider enrolling your dog in a dog training class near you. 


Saturday 19th of November 2022

I'm so sorry but regardless of size, any dog can be aggressive, some are more prone to aggressive due to breeding, but most are aggressive due to owners, sad fact, but true!!