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What Are The Downsides Of A Maltipoo That Every Future Owner Needs To Be Aware Of

What Are The Downsides Of A Maltipoo That Every Future Owner Needs To Be Aware Of

Maltipoos are one of the most popular hybrid dog breeds. The full-grown Maltipoo is known as a teddy bear dog, and because of their low shedding coats, they also make a great choice for people with allergies. In case you didn’t know, Maltipoo puppies are a crossbreed between Poodles and Maltese dogs. They have calm temperaments and make wonderful family pets. They are full of unconditional love that they love to share with their pet parents, and they will become your best friend in no time at all. With all of the Maltipoo pros that we just mentioned, you might be wondering: What are the downsides of a Maltipoo? 

Well, even if it sounds like there aren’t any cons of a Maltipoo dog, the truth is that this hypoallergenic dog does come with some problems. But while most Maltipoo owners gladly take them in return for all of the Maltipoo pros, these problems could be a huge dealbreaker for some people. So if you want to see if adopting the Maltese Poodle mix is a good idea for your lifestyle, keep on reading to learn all of the negative and positive aspects of owning this adorable pup. 

What are the pros and cons of having a Maltipoo?

The lines are pretty blurred when it comes to the pros and cons of owning a dog. What may be a con to you, could be a huge pro to some other people. That’s why this question is pretty individual, and we can only answer it from our point of view. 

The fact that Maltipoos are considered hypoallergenic should be a pro to pretty much anyone. However, there is no 100% hypoallergenic dog breed, and neither is the Maltipoo. While they don’t shed a lot thanks to their Poodle parent, a person could still develop allergies to their saliva and dandruff. 

While everyone wants to own a smart dog, the intelligence of these dogs could easily grow into stubbornness. That’s why you have to start training them the moment you bring one of these babies home. They will know that you are the pack leader, and they will be more likely to please you. 

If you want a velcro dog, then you can’t go wrong with adopting a Maltipoo. However, if you are someone who does not spend a lot of time at home, your dog could easily become lonely. Maltipoos are social creatures, and they thrive on keeping company with the people they care the most about. If you leave your dog alone for long periods of time, he could easily develop separation anxiety.

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Are Maltipoos low maintenance?

In terms of grooming, Maltipoos are high-maintenance pets, but they are not particularly challenging to care for in other ways. They do need high-quality dog food, 40 minutes of daily exercise, and your company.

Training them shouldn’t be hard at all, and even first-time dog owners should be able to handle it. Their dietary needs are a bit extra though. You have to make sure that they are getting all of their essential nutrients. Just make sure that their kibble is protein-based, and not full of fillers like corn or rice. 

The most time-consuming aspect of Maltipoo’s care is grooming. Your Maltipoo will require a significant amount of care to keep him or her looking wonderful from head to tail. You will need to undertake daily tasks like brushing their teeth or brushing their coat. You can also remove tear stains once or twice a week. In addition to getting a haircut, bathing, ear cleaning, and nails clipped once a month.

Their activity needs are moderate. You won’t have to spend too much time exercising them. However, two walks a day are mandatory. Their exercise needs are pretty similar to their Maltese parents, which means they are mostly lapdogs. 

Is a Maltipoo a good dog?

Yes! Known for their affectionate personalities, they make great therapy and family dogs. The Maltipoo also lives life to the fullest and is quite energetic. However, they should only join homes where there is an adult present who will watch over them constantly. Due to their size and amount of energy, they frequently do not get along with little kids when playing. 

But all in all, their genetic makeup makes them good dogs for people of many different lifestyles. Because of their small size (if they were bred by mixing a Maltese with a Miniature Poodle) they even make a great option for people living in small apartments. 

These Poodle mixes will make great companions for anyone who is willing to give them the love and attention that they deserve. This popular mix would be an excellent dog for young millennials who are working from home and don’t have that much experience in training a dog. Just make sure that you have the financial means to pay the high cost of owning this designer pup.

Do Maltipoo dogs bark a lot?

A Maltipoo is a hybrid between a Maltese and a Poodle. Both breeds are renowned for their calm demeanor and lack of aggression. The majority of Maltipoos don’t bark a lot. Dogs naturally bark, whether to get your attention or just because they are bored.

Dogs also frequently bark when they are worried or anxious about something, which is one of the main causes. Maltipoo dog owners should determine whether there is an underlying fear if their dogs are constantly barking. This fear may be a fear of anything, including cars, sirens, fireworks, children, strangers, or anything else.

They might be barking for more legitimate causes. Your dog may be in need of a walk right away, be in pain due to a health issue, or be hungry. They might even be barking as a result of being unable to eat or drink because their water or food bowl has spilled. Therefore, try looking for a legitimate reason for their persistent barking before deciding to ignore them or throw them their favorite toy.

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Can Maltipoos be left alone?

The Maltipoo is a breed of dog that may be left alone at home. They shouldn’t, however, be left alone for more than four hours. They might get bored as well as still need to use the bathroom.

Most owners say that their Maltipoos function reasonably well on their own at home. Although it takes some time for them to adjust, the Maltipoo is more than content to spend a few hours at home alone if given a few toys.

Make sure to socialize with your Maltipoo before leaving them alone for an extended period of time. After all, your dog wants your attention. This breed of dog is very sociable. You cannot simply ignore it and then vanish for several hours. The Maltipoo doesn’t deserve it.

Try to find a dog walker if your dog is being left alone for extended periods of time. In an ideal world, you would hire a reliable dog walker. You may rest assured that your Maltipoo is in the best possible care in this way. Although we are conscious that for some people, the expense of a dog walker may be excessively high. 

Do Maltipoos have separation anxiety?

As a mix between a Maltese and a Poodle, there is no doubt that Maltipoos will develop into Velcro dogs. Just like its parent breeds, the Maltipoo will stick to its owners. However, that could easily become a problem. 

Poodles are infamous for their separation anxiety, whilst Maltese dogs are renowned as lap dogs. As a result, Maltipoos are cuddle buddies with a loving personality that adore spending time with their owners. However, other issues may stem from their close relationship with their pet parents.

For many pet owners, the term “separation anxiety” may seem fancy, but all it really means is that your pet misses you when you’re not around. Over time, humans are trained to adapt to various circumstances. It also resembles dogs. All the tension can be avoided with the right training and practice.

Are Maltipoo dogs easy to train?

Maltipoos are renowned for being highly bright dogs with excellent learning abilities. They typically succeed at doing exactly what they are trained to do because their forebears were initially intended to be working and hunting dogs.

In general, older Maltipoos who perceive you as their master or someone they may feel safe around will be much more receptive to listening and paying attention to you than younger Maltipoos.

When you first start training your dog, food is significantly more effective than verbal praise because food is a huge motivator for canines. Treats are something you will eventually have to phase out, but they are fantastic in the beginning.

Maltipoos can be an excellent pet for inexperienced dog owners. They learn rapidly and are simple to train. They also thrive in households with elderly people or older children who can take good care of them.

Are Maltipoos hard to potty train?

As is the case with many dog breeds, housebreaking your Maltipoo will be the most challenging training, but bear in mind that generally speaking, this dog is on the “easy” end of the spectrum in this regard.

When your Maltipoo puppy first arrives at your house, which is often between the ages of 8 and 12 weeks, you can start teaching him or her. It typically takes a puppy 2 to 3 months to become fully housebroken with consistent training.

Your Maltipoo puppy’s bladder muscles and bowel control will get stronger each month as he matures. As a result, he will be able to hold off on meeting his demands for longer. In light of this, you’ll want to promote this by delaying bringing him outside again for a longer period of time.

A 3-month-old puppy’s maximum urine retention time is 3 hours. A 4-month-old has a 4-hour time limit. Your Maltipoo can hold on for eight hours when he or she is between eight and nine months old.

How often should a Maltipoo be walked?

A Maltipoo should ideally go for walks twice daily for a total of at least 40 minutes. Two 20-minute walks is a nice target to set for yourself. If necessary, walk for 30 minutes and 10 minutes, or in any other combination that is most effective for you. The majority of dogs benefit most from morning and evening walks.

The majority of Maltipoos can benefit from a 20-minute outdoor play session, or an indoor one if the weather is bad, in addition to these two daily walks. You’ll discover that your Maltipoo will alert you when this is required, and it could happen at any time.

The typical signs of a restless dog are excessive barking, pacing, whining, or other such behaviors. This is frequently an indication that they need to get moving, let off some steam, and get some mental and physical stimulation.

How much does a Maltipoo cost?

Although a price tag between $800 and $1,000 is typical, Maltipoo costs can range from $500 to more than $2,500. The price can be affected by a variety of factors, including a breeder’s reputation and location; a puppy’s age, size, and lineage; and the existing demand.

Experienced Maltipoo breeders that are committed to upholding breed standards and who continuously seek to produce the healthiest, highest-quality puppies typically charge more for their puppies.

Additionally, there is a huge demand due to the fact that these canines are so well-liked. Prices frequently increase along with a breed’s or in this example, a crossbreed’s, unexpected rise in popularity. Prices typically drop when demand declines.

A Maltipoo with gray ears in his owner’s garden

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Are male or female Maltipoos better?

Deciding between male and female dogs can sometimes come down to personal choice. There are, however, some traits that are typical of females and others that are typical of males.

If properly cared for, females make lovely pets. They are fine as long as you don’t allow them to develop into an alpha female, which would make them the pack leader. Like us women, some can be grumpy and occasionally overly devoted to their owners or territorially obsessed.

Typically, males are more loving than females. They exhibit more affectionate behaviors because they tend to seek their owners’ attention more than females do. Males tend to be more focused on their human relationships, whereas females tend to be more independent. They are really eager to please and always want to be close to humans.

Whether to choose a male or female is primarily a matter of preference. The above traits are generalizations, and it is possible to buy a female puppy that exhibits masculine traits or a male puppy that exhibits normal female traits.

What kind of problems do Maltipoos have?

While Maltipoos may seem like the ideal dog at first, there are actually some problems that are associated with this breed. As we already explained, they are very clever. But as important as a high intelligence is, it can also lead to your dog becoming stubborn. This could be a huge issue when training your puppy.

Another thing, that is even more important, is that Maltipoos are prone to certain health issues. While most of them are thankfully healthy and live long and happy lives, a small percentage of these puppies could become sick. As a hybrid dog, they could theoretically inherit any of the conditions that his parent breeds are prone to. The most common ones are epilepsy, hypoglycemia, collapsing trachea, eye problems, dental problems, and cancer. 

Why you shouldn’t buy a Maltipoo

There are many different reasons why someone shouldn’t buy a Maltipoo. While these hybrid dogs make an amazing choice for so many different people, they won’t be the best fit for everyone. First of all, they aren’t cheap dogs by any means. It will be expensive to buy them, but it will be equally as expensive to keep up with their maintenance. Owning any dog costs money, however, Maltipoos are extra bougie.

In addition to that, anyone that doesn’t spend a lot of time at home shouldn’t really think about getting this breed. These puppies are incredibly social, and they love to spend all of their time with you. While they are fine with being a few hours a day alone at home, they still thrive on human company. If you leave your dog alone for too long, he could develop separation anxiety and be miserable overall. 

That’s why it’s so important to be realistic when getting a dog. Be true to yourself and decide if you have what it takes to be a good Maltipoo owner. There are plenty of other dog breeds available to choose from, and you don’t have to buy a breed just because it is popular at that given moment. 

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