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Maltipoo haircuts that are too cute not to try

Maltipoo haircuts that are too cute not to try

Owning a fluffy, curly-haired dog like the Maltipoo has many perks. One of those perks is getting to take them to the groomers for a fresh new haircut. And there are even plenty of styles to choose from. What about a Continental cut, a Lamb cut, or maybe even a full-grown Maltipoo Teddy Bear cut? The options are endless when it comes to Maltipoo hairstyle ideas!#

Full grown maltipoo teddy bear cuts

Cutest Maltipoo haircut ideas

If you don‘t know what cut to ask for the next time you take your dog to the groomer, we might be able to help. This article will introduce you to the best Maltipoo haircut ideas that will hopefully inspire you. 

full grown teddy bear cut

Source: Instagram (@whiskeeythebear)

We are starting off with the Maltipoo Teddy Bear cut. This is the most popular cut for Maltipoos and an all-time classic that everyone associates with the Poodle breed and Poodle mixes of all sorts.

Besides being a very popular haircut for Poodles, this is also a very simple cut. To achieve it the groomer has to cut the Maltipoo’s hair to a really short length.

To get this adorable hairstyle the dog’s body and leg hairs should be cut to a length between one and two inches. The hair around your Maltipoo’s paws should be rounded off. The hair on the face is slightly longer, especially the hair around the muzzle. The groomer might also use rounding scissors to give your Maltipoo the loved teddy bear look.

Some groomers will tell you that the body hair should be cut even shorter, to ½ inch or ¾ inches, this is correct too. The idea behind the full-grown Maltipoo Teddy bear cut is just to keep the body hair shorter than the hair on the dog’s head. If you don’t want your dog’s fur to be cut so short, it is best to discuss how much the groomer should cut off before the actual trim. Let the groomer know what length you are comfortable with.

Maltipoo Continental cut 

continental cut

Source: Instagram (@better_grooming)

Next up we have the Continental cut which is perfect for curly coats. Despite the fact that this is a very traditional Poodle cut (and a show cut), Maltipoos with wavy or curly hair can still rock this style. If your Maltipoo’s hair is more on the straight side, this style won’t really work for them.

Here’s what the Continental cut looks like. The dog’s face, paws, neck, legs, hindquarters, and tail are all shaved to make cleaning easier. Hair pom-poms are left on the tail, ankles, and wrists, and two pom-poms are occasionally left around the kidneys.

Maltipoo Summer cut – Very short cut 

summer cut for maltipoos

Source: Instagram (@leo.the.moodle)

As the name suggests the Maltipoo Summer cut is perfect for summer because this is a very short cut. This is not only a very short cut, but it is also very practical and easy to maintain.

With the Summer cut the groomer will trim the entire body and legs to the same length, which is typically around half an inch. Obviously, you can tell your groomer if you want your dog’s fur to be cut shorter or kept longer.

Maltipoos are small pooches with a lot of hair, so sometimes it can get hard to keep up with grooming. That is why this style is so great! It is perfect for dogs that hate going to the groomer or for busy pet parents who don’t have the time to brush their dog’s fur every day. 

Maltipoo Puppy cut 

full grown maltipoo teddy bear cut

Source: Instagram (

The Puppy cut or Maltipoo Puppy cut is the perfect choice for the majority of Maltipoos, no matter their age. What is great about this cut is that it is simple to maintain and keeps the dog’s temperature stable throughout its whole body. 

The Puppy cut is very similar to the Teddy bear cut, but there is one significant difference. The head and face are trimmed to be longer than the body in a Teddy bear cut. A Puppy cut involves trimming all of the Maltipoo’s fur from head to tail to the same length. Basically, the fur should be between one and two inches in length all over the body. 

Lastly, don‘t confuse the Maltipoo Puppy cut with a puppy trim. The term “puppy trim” actually refers to a puppy’s first grooming session to assist them to get used to the experience. 

Maltipoo Lamb cut 

maltipoo lamb cut

Source: Instagram (@peachyypooch_)

The Lamb haircut is definitely a unique style for Maltipoos, but also very popular. As the name suggests, the goal is to make the Maltipoo resemble a baby sheep. Cute, right?

In order to do that, the groomer will trim the legs much shorter than the rest of the body. Depending on the Maltipoo’s hair texture, the feet are trimmed to be round or beveled. In addition to that, the Lamb cut comes with a shaved face and long ear hairs. But, if you don’t like that look, you can ask your groomer to make everything a uniform length.

Maltipoo Miami cut

bikini cut

Source: Pinterest (@lasupple)

The Maltipoo Miami cut or also known as the Bikini clip is another extremely popular style among Poodle and Poodle crossbreed owners. This type of style got its name because once it is done it looks kind of like your dog is wearing a bikini.

The Bikini clip is special because the dog’s tail, feet, and face are shaved. The hair on its head back end and tail are kept longer.

Lastly, you should know that this cut is better suited for adult dogs because their coat is somewhat coarser than the coat of puppies.

Maltipoo Town and Country cut 

The Town and Country cut is actually a show cut for Poodles, but, if it looks good on them, it sure does look on their crossbreeds. As with the previous cut, the Town and Country cut is suited better for the adult Maltipoo’s coat.

With this cut, the groomer will be shaving the base of the tail, face, feet, rib cage, and neck. The base of the dog’s tail is shaped into a pom-pom.

With that being said, we also need to add that the most important rule to this style is to get the right length on the face, feet, and tail. As for the body, you can leave it long or cut it short, whatever you prefer. You can also follow the seasons, and leave it long for the winter, and cut it short for the summer.

Maltipoo Maltese cut

full grown maltipoo teddy bear cut Maltese cut

Source: Instagram (@

The Maltipoo Maltese cut is exactly that, a cut that will make your Maltipoo look like a Maltese. Interesting concept, right? However interesting it sounds, there are really no rules to this cut. It could be simply a Puppy cut or the floor-length hairstyle that we associate with Maltese dogs. So, you really have to specify to your groomer what kind of Maltipoo Maltese cut you want.

For the sake of this article, we will explain what to expect when you ask for the everyday Maltese haircut (not the show cut). Basically, the body hair is about 1/4 inch long while the chest, stomach, front of the neck, and bottom are somewhat shorter (about 1/16 inch). The legs should be feathered with a length of 1 ¼ inch. The head hair is clipped and rounded while the ears are bobbed and brushed out. Lastly, the tail is left to 2 inches.

The best option with the Maltipoo Maltese cut is to show your groomer a reference image.

Maltipoo Shih Tzu cut  

Shih Tzu cut on maltipoo

Source: Instagram (@groomingbymaddie)

The Maltese and the Shih Tzu cut to have the same goal, to make the Maltipoo look like another breed of dog. As the name suggests the Maltipoo Shih Tzu cut is supposed to make the Maltipo look like a Shih Tzu. If you wonder why there is no particular reason. Simply because the standard Shih Tzu cut works well on the Maltipoo coat. This cut is similar to the Maltese haircut with a few differences.

With this Maltipoo haircut style, the head is styled very similarly to the Maltese cut. Next, with this style, we can also see the short all-over cut with the long hair on the head and ears. The most important features of this style are the bobbed ears, rounded head, and closely trimmed face. We can’t forget to mention the evenly cut body, legs, and tail, either. And that is it! That is the Shih Tzu cut.

Little Fringes 

little fringes maltipoo haircut

Source: Instagram (@bailey_the_maltipoo__)

Last but not least we have the so-called Little Fringes style. This is a very simple style for curly-haired Maltipoos. Basically, it features a shaved or short-trimmed head with a soft round shape to it. By doing the style this way the groomer accentuates the dog’s eyes and makes them pop out. The goal of this style is to keep the dog’s hair out of its eyes so that it can see everything that is going on around it. This style is definitely the perfect option for curious, playful Maltipoos that want to explore the world.

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