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Blue Cane Corso Puppies For Sale: What You Have To Know Before Buying

Blue Cane Corso Puppies For Sale: What You Have To Know Before Buying

Are you looking for blue Cane Corso puppies for sale? The Cane Corso in this beautiful blue color is getting more and more popular in the United States. And the search for reputable breeders could be more challenging than you may initially think. So if you are looking for useful tips, you are in the right place. We will go over all of the things that you have to consider when buying this large breed from a dog breeder, and what you should do to pick the right puppy. So if you are willing to offer a new home to one of these former Roman war dogs, then keep on reading. 

Blue Cane Corso Puppies: What to know before buying?

Before you do any of the buying, you have to question yourself if this is a good dog for your family. This rare breed isn’t the right choice for people who spend most of their time inside relaxing. These aren’t tiny lap dogs that don’t need much exercise. They need a loving owner who will give them the proper care and enough work in the form of mental stimulation and physical exercise.

If you aren’t sure that you could give the best care for this intelligent dog, then maybe this isn’t the breed for you. This is no low-maintenance breed by any means, and it takes a lot of patience, time, love, and money to raise a blue Cane Corso puppy. 

Cane Corsos get incredibly close to their human companions. They will become your loyal guardian and will protect you no matter what. Due to their size, this isn’t the best option for people with small children. If you think that you could be a good potential owner, and you are willing to give one of these puppies a new life, there are still some other important things that you have to consider when choosing a puppy of this ancient Italian breed. 

Who to buy from?

When buying any puppy, you have four options: reputable breeders, backyard breeders, puppy mills, or animal shelters. We would only promote two out of these four options, reputable breeders and animal shelters. Finding a blue Cane Corso puppy in an animal shelter is pretty unlikely because in most cases, the dogs found there are adults. However, if you don’t mind adopting an older dog, then this may be an option you want to consider. 

Backyard breeders are inexperienced breeders who don’t have the knowledge and skills it takes to breed puppies of the best quality. Backyard breeders and puppy mills can’t give you a congenital health guarantee, which means that you could end up with a sick dog. Make sure that the puppy that you are buying is cleared of diseases such as hip dysplasia, to have the best possible start with your puppy. 

Reputable American breeders will always do these health tests, so don’t be afraid to ask for the needed documentation when you are going to buy or reserve puppies. Many people complain that these breeders sell overpriced Corsos. But you have to understand that you are getting a better dog than you would from a puppy mill. Your pup is healthy and potty trained, and the breeder probably already started socialization and training. 

Blue Cane Corso for sale: Where to buy? 

Now that you know that you should buy from a reputable breeder, one question remains: Where to find one? Well, the easiest and safest way is to look up the American Kennel Club Cane Corso marketplace. This will show you breeders in different locations, from California to Colorado, and everything in between. You can also directly see the color and age of each puppy, and you have many different puppy picks available. 

AKC-approved breeders often also have their own websites, where you can read reviews from happy customers. For some of them, you will have to join a waiting list, especially if the breeder offers puppies of a champion bloodline. These puppies are more prestige, so it’s no wonder that it will be a bit harder to get your hands on one of them. 

Another thing that you can do is to directly search for breeders in your area. However, we would still suggest that you always make sure that the breeder you are buying from is AKC-approved. Sure, it’s also important to look for a puppy with a fair price, but this is only a one-time cost. Is much more important to find someone trustworthy that you know for sure you are getting a healthy dog. And AKC checks all of the breeders that they are putting on their marketplace. 

Blue Cane Corso puppies for sale 

Giving you the information about the right breeder is almost impossible because there are some important aspects that will be different for each and one of our readers. For example, your location. We wouldn’t suggest the same breeder for someone who lives in New York as we would for someone who lives in California. Sure, shipping puppies is possible, however, it’s always much better to see your future puppy in person. So make sure you do some own activity and look up the best breeders in your area. Also, use your own vocalizations, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. You are the one investing your money into your future companion, and you have the right to know as much as you need to when choosing a puppy. 

However, we did some scrolling on the AKC marketplace ourselves, and here are some of the Cane Corso breeders with the best reviews that we came across: 

  1. Campo Cane Corso 
  2. Fidecore Cane Corso
  3. Numenor Kennels
  4. Capri Cane Corso
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