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How often do you walk your dog?

How often do you walk your dog?

How many times a day day and for how many minutes? Walking your dog regularly is essential to their health. 

Walks are their workouts, that’s how they stay in shape and get out all of the energy inside of them. By walking them you’ll make sure your dog doesn’t get bored either, so you’re preventing destructive behavior.

What many dog owners don’t know is how many times a day they should actually walk their dogs. Do you even know what your dog needs? They don’t even know for how long those walks should last. But, I have the answer for you.

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How often do you walk your dog?

Walks are crucial in keeping your dog healthy and calm. Every dog is different. So, there is no concrete answer to how often you should walk your dog and for how long.

You need to take your dog’s size, age, and energy level into consideration! For example, younger dogs need longer walks. Older dogs get tired easily, so short walks are recommended. Their breed plays a huge role in determining how often and for how long you should walk them too!

Regular exercise 

However, as a general rule of thumb, we can say that 45 minutes to two hours would be ideal to see the hidden benefits of these exercises. 

You can take your dog for walks three to five times a day for about 15 minutes sincehe needs so much activity. If that isn’t possible, try to take your dog out twice a day for at least 30 minutes.

If you can’t fit that into your day, then maybe hire dog walkers to do it for you

Why strolls are important

Walks are important for your dog’s health (and yours too!). Taking your dog on daily walks will help with their digestion, urinary health, joint health, as well as keep their weight normal! It will also keep your dog physically and mentally fit!

Walking your dog is so much more than just going potty. By taking your dog on a walk you’re helping them stay mentally stimulated, you’re giving them exercise, and your dog gets a chance for socialization.

  • Weight control – by walking your dog regularly you’ll help them burn extra calories and therefore maintain a healthy weight thrugh engaging in so much activity.
  • Joint health – keeping your dog’s joints in motion helps their joints stay in good shape.
  • Digestive/urinary health – regular walks mean regular peeing and pooping therefore keeping your dog healthy!
Woman walking a dog
Nice long walk will keep your dog healthy and happy!

Walking needs

As mentioned, different dogs have different walking needs. Not every dog wants to go on long walks, some just want to get it over with and go back home and sleep.

When thinking about the right amount of walks for your dog take their breed, age, activity level, and health into consideration. For example, activity needs of sheepdogs or cattle dogs are much different than those of hunting dogs or terrier dogs. 

For example, if you own a senior dog, they do well with fewer walks, whereas puppies definitely need more frequent walks! Or you can introduce them to some kind of sports and maybe see them as best runners in the block. Age of your dog is something you should consider of course, to understand what is their physical capacity.

Dog groups are also a great way to get an easy walk. That is a good starting point if you want to meet new people and find out their methods in raising and keeping a healthy dog. Maybe hours of intense activity is not something you will need. Maybe a friendly walking schedule will be just enoguh and we are sure that those experienced owners surely have a key to success.

The energy levels of dogs also play a big part in how often you should walk them. You should be an active person if you want to keep up. Large amount of exercise is usually a problem if you are not used to it. Soon, you will see your benefit whenever there is a higher need for any kind of sports or just an hour of daily walks.

Higher-energy dog breed groups need more frequent walks:

We also have less-active dog breeds that need just one or two shorter walks per day:

When to go out with your dog

The question “How often do you walk your dog” is just as important as the question “When do you walk your dog”.

It’s not just about how long and how frequent the walks are, it’s also about when you’re taking your dog for walks. Should you walk your dog only in the morning and in the evening? Should you walk them before bed or right after meals? Or maybe before meals?

This is all up to you. It’s just important that your dog has a steady routine. Dogs love routines, that’s how they know what they need to do. Simply put, dogs thrive on routines

Hidden benefits 

Running practice should be consider your hobby and duty and should not be put aside for less imprtant things. Don’t be a pooch. 🙂 Give him the best time of his life every day, since sometimes even a simple walk is just enough.

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However, if you need some guidelines on how to put up a routine I have some advice for that too. According to veterinarian Michael W. Fox, an ideal dog walking schedule looks something like this:

  • A short morning walk before breakfast
  • Another short walk or potty break midday
  • A longer walk or run before dinner
  • Another walk or potty break right before bed


So, to sum it up. How often should you walk your dog? Well, our final answer is that you should take your dog on a nice long walk at least once a day, but preferably twice, even if they are a small dog.
Daily exercise is a must and you should share your best time and spend it with your dog to give him enough exercise.

And by a nice long walk, I don’t mean potty breaks where your dog only gets the chance to do their business.

Walks are a way for your dog to explore the world, see other people and other animals. That’s how they stay happy and have good health conditions!

Imagine if you were stuck in the house all day. How would you feel? Depressed, sad, maybe even angry and less and less fur from day to day. So, get your dog’s leash and take a long nice walk with them!

My name is Jackie and I am a veterinarian with a degree in veterinary medicine. With extensive experience in treating various animals, I am known for my compassionate and personalized approach to animal care.