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Bella the Pit Bull and Lulu the Tabby Cat Have A Unlikely Friendship

Bella the Pit Bull and Lulu the Tabby Cat Have A Unlikely Friendship

Bella the pit bull and Lulu the tabby cat took a couple of weeks to really hit it off, but now they’re inseparable, cuddling “every night and day.”

A charming video of the two lounging together in the sun has gone viral on TikTok, amassing nearly 14 million views since it was shared on February 12.

According to Hannah Wenzel, who adopted Bella after volunteering at the Wisconsin Humane Society six years ago, she wasn’t planning on getting a dog, but Bella’s affectionate nature won her over.

When Wenzel moved to Houston, Texas, she encountered Lulu munching on chicken wings under a table at an outdoor restaurant and knew she had to bring her home.

Despite some initial tension where Lulu wasn’t too fond of Bella, the two pets gradually warmed up to each other after some cautious introductions and bonding time.

Now, they’re like two peas in a pod, playing, cuddling, and getting along famously. Lulu, described as a “crazy tabby,” fearlessly explores her surroundings, while Bella remains calm and collected.

Their friendship has captured the hearts of many on TikTok, with users expressing their joy at seeing the duo together.

As one comment put it, “I hope they find each other in every lifetime,”

while another remarked, “You’ve truly captured magic.”

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