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Surprise At The Store As Man Discovers His Cat Tagging Along

Surprise At The Store As Man Discovers His Cat Tagging Along

A cat has redefined the term “curious cat” with a hilarious TikTok moment when he was caught sneaking after his owner in a funny video.

The video, shared on February 16 by user @brianbeck101, captured the cat peeking out from under the store shelves. While bodega cats are a common sight, the person in the aisle quickly realized this was not just any store cat – it was his own furry companion.

The caption on the video humorously reads: “When you realize your cat secretly followed you to the store.”

Source: Newsweek

The owner was left scratching his head at how his cat managed to make the journey to the store, which was a good distance away – about a quarter mile from their home. Quite the trek for a little cat with little legs!

Spotting his cat inside the store, the owner swiftly scooped him up before he could embark on any more mischief. The cat seemed determined, perhaps on a quest for the perfect snack or eyeing a new role as the store’s resident feline.

In a lucky break, the employee at the store was preoccupied on the phone and didn’t notice the stowaway cat.

Viewers couldn’t contain their laughter at the cat’s daring escapade. The TikTok video quickly went viral, amassing over 2.5 million views, 395,500 likes, and 1,065 comments.

“He tried to make a sneaky getaway,” one viewer pointed out,

while another joked, “He wanted to be the ‘suPURRvisor’ at the store.”

Some even speculated on the cat’s motives, imagining him assessing the store’s cleanliness from his vantage point under the shelves.

Despite the incredulity of the situation, other TikTok users shared similar stories of their own feline companions showing unexpected loyalty and curiosity, proving that cats are indeed full of surprises.

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