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Dog Returns to Shelter After 6 Years Without a Single Adoption Application

Dog Returns to Shelter After 6 Years Without a Single Adoption Application

A dog rescue in Florida is on a mission to find a loving home for one special pup named Reagan. This adorable German pinscher and Rhodesian ridgeback mix found herself back at the Miami Dade Animals Shelters after six long years, tugging at the heartstrings of the folks at Doberman Rescue League Inc., also known as @savethedobes on TikTok.

Moved by Reagan’s story, the rescue team decided to bestow upon her the title of “honorary Doberman.” Despite being in the care of a foster family for now, Reagan is still searching for her forever home.

In a heartfelt plea on a TikTok video posted on February 6, the rescue center called for help in finding Reagan a permanent place to call her own in Florida, describing her as “truly the greatest dog to ever exist.”

Despite their best efforts to spread the word on social media, Reagan has yet to receive any adoption applications. The rescue suspects that her age might be a factor, along with the fact that most of their followers are Doberman enthusiasts and the adoption is limited to Florida residents.

However, those who have met Reagan can attest to her sweet nature and love for cuddles. She gets along well with other dogs and adults, making her an ideal furry companion for the right family.

Encouraging comments from viewers on the TikTok video are pouring in, showing support and hoping to increase Reagan’s chances of finding a loving home. While the video has garnered thousands of views, likes, and comments, the power of social media has yet to work its magic for Reagan.

Despite the challenges, shelters like the Doberman Rescue League Inc. are dedicated to finding loving homes for animals in need, working tirelessly to reduce euthanasia rates through adoption initiatives and other programs.

Let’s spread the word and help Reagan find her pawfect forever home!

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